What Is Somniphobia (Fear of Sleeping or Going to Bed) and How To Cure It?


According to recent health survey statistics, there are so many people around the world who are experiencing a condition where they are afraid of going to bed or sleeping. These people often get very anxious before bedtime. This symptom is called somniphobia or fear of sleeping or going to bed.

If you think you have similar experience or symptoms, you should ask yourself, do you get anxious before bedtime? Do you have night time panic attacks or increased anxiety before bed time?

If your answer is yes, then you could possibly be having somniphobia, a symptom of anxiety disorder. This condition is not a stand alone condition contrary to what many inexperienced doctors have said.

In fact, more than 80% of somniphobia sufferer that I have met reported exactly the same fears about going to bed, sleeping, the anxiousness before bed time, nocturnal panic attacks and the sensations and intrusive thoughts associated with this condition.

The characteristics of somniphobia as it is widely known is being frightened of not being aware of the world around them during sleep, they fear that they might not be able to wake up if something bad happens to them or around them, if at all!

Many sufferers have extreme fear of having nocturnal time panic attacks, almost all anxiety disorder sufferers Ii have met, went through this experience during their anxiety disorder.

The reason for all of this is unpleasant experiences is because of heightened anxiety which fuels this fear. Inappropriate anxiety sparks all phobia conditions.

So what is the solution to all these fears? Is there any way that can be done to stop somniphobia conditions so that you can stop fearing sleep,stop the night time anxiety and be able to sleep peacefully and not fear bedtime anymore?

The answer is to reduce the threshold of anxiety level in your brain, which has become reset to a much higher ‘baseline’ level during anxiety disorders.

Once you are able to re-program the amygdala which is a small organ in your brain that is responsible for the production of anxiety, you can definitely eliminate all of the inappropriate anxiety, the symptoms of that anxiety and the fears that goes along with those symptoms; including your somniphobia conditions which is the fear of going to sleep.

Source by Zukarnaen Iskandar


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