What is Capstar and the Benefits of Using It


Flea control or eradication is the reason why products like Capstar are manufactured and become popular through the years. All dog and cat owners know how fleas cause problems and diseases to the beloved pets. Fleas are minute wingless insects, brownish to red color and suck blood from their host. When you see your dog or cat scratch an area this can be an indication that there are fleas. Some pets are more sensitive to the bite and can have allergic reactions to flea bites. Fleas do not have any dangers to humans except that they can and do bite humans as well. These insects live in warm climate or when the ground freezes in cooler climates.

Once you notice that your pet has fleas, a visit to the veterinarian should be made. The veterinarian might probably use a flea comb and when “flea dirt” or “dried blood flea excrement” is found then flea control or treatment will be recommended. The veterinarian is the best resource person to ask about control, maintenance and annihilation of fleas from your beloved pet.

One of the best counter flea treatments available is Capstar. This flea control tablet is an oral medication that that will kill adult fleas immediately with residual effects lasting up to 24 hours. Capstar dosage is based on your dog’s weight thus you need the recommendation of the veterinarian to be sure that your dog will have the correct dosage.

For heavy flea infestation, treatment must be repeated two to three times, but do not give Capstar more often than once a day. The product may be used together with oral tablets, topical liquids and over-the-counter flea collars for faster and maximum control

To kill the flea eggs, larvae and emerging adult fleas in your house, first vacuum well and then use a commercial flea fogger or flea bomb. Before beginning the house treatment, remove all animals and people from the house.

Capstar (nitenpyram) is manufactured by Novartis Animal Health who is also responsible for other veterinary products. The product features are:

· Begins working in 30 minutes after treatment

· Safe for puppies and kitten 4 weeks of age or older, 2 pound or heavier

· Safe for pregnant or nursing dogs

· Over 90% of fleas die within 4 hours for dogs and 6 hours for cats

· No cleaning unlike some liquid-drop flea control products

· Capstar is not messy since it is an oral application so there is no odor while treating your dog

· Because it is taken orally, there is no wash-out or rub off

Capstar can be taken with or without food, and is safe to use with most other medications. The product is ideal for breeders, boarding kennels, groomers, clinics, shelters or multi-pet households – anywhere exposure to fleas or re-infestation is imminent. An increase in itching may occur after given, due to the effect the medication has on the flea’s nervous system.

Source by Scott F Moore


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