What Are Non Surgical Treatments For Sleep Apnea?


Sleep apnea is a sleeping disorder which is a serious problem and it should not be ignored as it can result in significant health problems like heart attack, high blood pressure, and stroke and may even cause sudden death. Besides that lack of sufficient sleep can cause inefficiency, auto mobile accidents and drowsiness all the time. So it has to be treated at the earliest to lead a healthy and safe life.

There are different methods for the treatment of this condition, like oral medications, breathing support devices, behavioral modification and surgery. There are many people who avoid surgeries and prefer to get non surgical treatment for this illness which can bring improvement in the patient.

Non surgical treatments are preferred by many patients and doctors because surgeries have other side effects and sometimes cause serious complications later on.

One of the ways for getting rid of this problem is behavioral modification. In this therapy patients are told to reduce weight as sleep apnea occurs due to excessive weight. Weight reduction can be very good and improve the patient’s symptoms. By losing 10% of your extra weight you can make a remarkable difference in quality of your sleep. If you are overweight the excess fat enlarges the tissues at the back of the throat which blocks airway while sleeping. Therefore weight reduction can make your sleep much better.

Another affective way is to stop bad habits. You can control your sleep apnea by reducing the intake of alcohol, drugs and tobacco. If it is hard for you to quit them then you should try to reduce the intake or at least stop taking these before going to bed. You need to change your sleeping habits as well. Instead of sleeping straight on the back the patients should try to sleep on the side. It will control your tongue falling to the back of your throat during sleep which causes sleep apnea. Regulating sleep time can also be an effective measure and will ensure a calm and peaceful sleep.

CPAP machines are also a good source for having a good sleep. CPAP (continuous positive airway pressure) provide a clear airway to the patient while sleeping. CPAP masks are available for such people who require proper airway during sleep. People who want to avoid surgery and do not find behavioral changes beneficial can use CPAP masks to have a comfortable sleep.

Custom made oral devices are also adopted by many patients. An oral device can be constructed according to the patient’s mouth structure. This helps the patient to have a good night’s sleep.

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