Vitiligo Treatment In India?


Vitiligo is a medical condition that makes your skin lose its actual color. Vitiligo differs from person to person, some may have only a few small spots and some may have more widespread color loss. Vitiligo is an acquired condition which can develop in any part of the body where there is patchy loss of melanin from the epidermis, causing the skin to have pale areas all over.

About half of the patients develop vitiligo by the age of twenty, and nearly 90% of them develop it by the age of forty. And it’s also seen that Twenty percent of people living with vitiligo have someone in their blood relation with the same condition.

The Skin color is created by special cells known as the melanocytes. When melanocytes are not able to consistently produce sufficient color for our body then this condition occurs and affects our skin. The Patches which gets formed because of this are called macules. These lesions are generally painless and the size of macules varies and can be found on any part of body.

Causes of vitiligo

People of all races develop this condition. Vitiligo in patients can be classified into 2 major types, commonly known as External and Internal reasons. Some of the common external causes which we saw with Vitiligo patients is the excessive usage of tight clothes. Tight clothes generally leave marks or rubbings across the person’s body which can then turn into Vitiligo.

A few of the patients using plastic or nylon sleepers were also seen having the same issue. Pollution also plays a big role as Vitiligo percentage is higher in cities with higher pollution levels. It’s also been seen on several occasions, vitiligo starting in a woman who had recently gone through a major hormonal change e.g. pregnancy or stopping/starting the pill.

Use of excessive antibiotics was also seen as one of the causes of vitiligo. Vitiligo also happens on sites of injury, cuts, scrapes, burns on your skin. Wearing artificial jewelry is another common reason in women. Hyper Tensions can also lead to higher risks of getting Vitiligo in patients. Stress is seen as the key driver behind what might have dysregulated your immune system. You must try to focus on reducing tension and anxiety as much as possible. Stressful conditions can reduce your recovery and can lead to skin issues.

With years of experience and with the help of Ayurveda, we have also seen that some bad eating habits have also played a big role in increasing the toxic levels in a human body. Having things like lemon, curd, pickles with or after milk can increase the toxic levels which in turn can increase the risk of infected or change of color of your skin. Another thing which we must avoid is eating non vegetarian food with milk.

40-50% of the patients having Vitiligo also had stomach issues like gas or constipation. These stomach issues generally effect our Skin and can lead to Vitiligo in most of the patients.

Where can Vitiligo effect

Vitiligo is a skin issue which can affect any part of your body. Complete loss of the pigment can affect your skin and can make either a single patch or it may affect your skin with multiple patches. Some of the common areas where Vitiligo skin issues can be seen are:

• Face, neck, eyelids, nostrils, finger tips, body folds like armpits, navel, lips, etc.

• Skin issues are possible where skin injuries, cuts and wounds are there.

• Emotional and Mental stress are another common seen issue.

• Color of hair, eyebrows and eyelashes can also change with increasing Vitiligo.

• In some cases, the retina at the back of the eye may also be affected.

There is no way to show or predict the levels of pigment an individual might have or lose. The severity of vitiligo generally differs with each individual. Vitiligo is also seen more in patients with naturally dark skin. A specialist vitiligo doctor can predict and plan treatment for vitiligo in a better way.

Source by Dr Shailender Dhawan


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