Top Herbal Remedies For Anxiety – Safe and Natural Treatments You Should Use


Anxiety, not surprisingly, is actually very common to people. But the level of which it attacks varies. Some people experience this infrequently with only mild symptoms of worry and foreboding. A few physical symptoms include nausea, shortness of breath and profuse sweating. Panic attack, on the other hand, is more serious.

Panic attack happens suddenly. The symptoms of this condition can also be mistaken for heart attack. There is also shortness of breath and tightness of chest. Some people pass out.

According to experts, anxiety is caused by a malfunction in the processes of the central nervous system. One’s nervous system overreacts to stress. A normal central nervous system will take a longer time to react to stress. In some researches, this is caused by the brain’s overproduction of stress hormones.

Usually, this problem attacks more during life-changing situations in your life such as marriage and death. People who have experienced traumatic circumstances and life-threatening situations might also develop anxiety disorders.

I am sure there are a lot of tonics and medications that can help combat the effects of this condition. However, using herbal remedies can also achieve good results with fewer side effects. Here are some of the herbal remedies that can significantly help:

Catnip – When taken in tea form, this has a calming and a soothing effect in the body. It reduces the production of stress hormones.

Fennel – The seed of fennel can calm gastrointestinal spasms. This is often experienced by people with mild or severe anxiety problems. You can chew a teaspoon of fennel seeds to help calm the stomach muscles.

Hops – This herb effectively relaxed and normalizes the functions of the nervous system.

Motherwort – This has often been used as a treatment for depressive disorders. It also has the ability to normalize emotions. It calms the nerves and gets rid of stress.

Skullcap – This effectively relaxes and nourishes the nervous system. Take this in tincture or capsule form. It is already available in health stores. You can also use this to induce sleep if you having trouble sleeping due to stress and nervous tension.

Valerian – This is one of the most effective remedies for inducing sleep. However, you should consult your doctor first before trying to use this remedy. The right dosage is needed.

You don’t have to suffer through the effects of anxiety silently. Seek help in the form of herbal remedies for anxiety so you can live a normal life.

Source by Mary Steele


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