The Different Types of Hair Removal Options


Hair is a fact of life, we are all born with it and it is located all over our bodies. Aside from having hair in the normal places such as the head, legs or arms; some people have an overabundance or some people are just annoyed seeing the hair on their body. You have the option of shaving, but the shaved hair will always grow back. There are many different ways to remove hair from the body and this article will examine some of these hair removal procedures. It will compare hair removal techniques and see in the end which ones are worthwhile.

The main way people remove hair from their body is through shaving. Shaving requires the use of a razor and some kind of lubricant, such as shaving cream. When you shave the razor removes the top of the hair follicle. This follicle grows from the skin and the hair will grow back in a couple of days. The upside to shaving is that it is relatively cheap. All you need is a razor, some warm water and shaving cream. The downside of this method is you have a higher chance of getting ingrown hairs, razor burn and possible cuts as a result of the razor.

Another method of hair removal is by plucking. Plucking removes the hair by force and literally pulls the hair follicle from the root. This is usually done using a tweezer or some type of instrument that is able to grip and pull the hair without breaking it. Plucking as a means of hair removal will last between 3 to 8 weeks. Like shaving plucking is very inexpensive as all that is done is removing the hair with a tweezer. However the downside to plucking is the fact that it can be very painful and time consuming as you have to remove hair, follicle by follicle.

A more expensive method is Laser Hair Removal. Laser hair removal works with the use of laser that is used to target the hair follicle through the skin. The laser then stops the growth of hair. This treatment can last up to half a year. The length of time that you will be without hair is a very interesting upside. The bad part about this is the treatment is very expensive, depending on the specialist you go to. There have been reports that the laser hair removal can cost up to $1000.

Hair removal is a cosmetic procedure that humans will continue to do. Some people have accepted that they will always have hair and have worked with the ritual of the weekly removal. Some people like to see themselves hairless and will use various methods to ensure that they have no hair. This will be accomplished by different methods such as shaving, plucking and laser hair removal. Each one has its pro’s and cons and in the end it depends on the results that the individual is satisfied with.

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