The Brain Sharpener Supplement – Omega 3 Known As Brain Food


If you need a brain sharpener supplement, you’ve got plenty to choose from. But, if you aren’t already taking fish oil, that’s a good place to start.

The nutrients in fish oil are referred to as omega-3 fatty acids. While other foods contain omega-3s, only some types of fatty fish and seafood contain Docosahexaenoic acid or DHA, which is essential for normal brain development and function.

Many baby foods and infant formulas are now fortified with DHA, because research indicates that a lack of the nutrient may be the underlying cause of attention deficit disorders and learning disabilities. But, it has become clear that we continue to need DHA throughout our lives.

The brain’s gray matter is composed of fatty acids. The majority of those fatty acids are DHA. Low DHA levels have been found in the brains of suicide victims. So, it is important not only for learning and memory, but also for fighting depression.

Low levels in the bloodstream have been associated with depressive disorders for quite some time. Yet, doctors still prescribe anti-depressants, even though there are numerous side effects of those drugs. It would make more sense to suggest a DHA fish oil brain sharpener supplement. But, for some reason, many doctors seem to prefer the “happy pills”.

If you are already taking fish oil, you might consider taking 5 HTP or a multi-nutritional formula containing it. If you are concerned about Alzheimer’s, you might want to look for a multi-nutritional formula containing an anti-glycation agent called carnosine.

Glycated proteins make up the majority of the plaques involved in killing the brain’s cells in Alzheimer’s patients. Recent research indicates that glycation plays a role in cellular aging and even the formation of wrinkles. So, obviously, it is a bad thing.

While there is no better brain sharpener supplement than DHA fish oil, a lack of any nutrient could cause learning and memory problems, as well as emotional disorders. 5 HTP, for example, is a compound that helps the body to metabolize proteins and amino acids.

A lack of it could interfere with optimal brain functioning, because the body uses it to make serotonin and other neurotransmitters. Neurotransmitters are molecules that transmit signals from one cell or neuron to another. 5 HTP is another natural anti-depressant. Until the introduction of Prozac, it was a relatively popular form of treatment for depression. Of course, things have changed.

A brain sharpener supplement might also contain SAM-e, another natural anti-depressant. While depression of other emotional disorders might not be your concern, the chemical processes that interfere with or contribute to learning and memory are the same as those involved in moods, appetite and sleep. SAM-e is a methylating agent. If there is a lack of it among the brain’s cells, neurotransmitters cannot do their jobs.

So, just to recap; if you are not taking DHA fish oil, that is the best brain sharpener supplement. If you are taking it, you might not be taking enough or it could be of a low quality. So, your next step is to find out what makes one fish oil better than another.

Source by Joan Gosselin


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