Stress, Anxiety and Depression Are at Epic Proportions


Stress, Anxiety and Depression is growing to epidemic proportions today among North Americans. And many are becoming victim to more severe consequences such as facing it as a disability or even suicide.

Canadian Statistics show that in as early as 2003 Stress related absenteeism was found to cost employers $3.5 billion each year. Forty percent of the current short-term and long-term disability claim are related to mental health according Statistics Canada. And over 500, 000 workers are off from work each day for mental health related disorders. I am sure there are very similar statistics in the United States as well.

Other statistics showed that at least 40 percent of the workplace turnover of staff is related to work place stress and 60 percent of workplace accidents. A study from Oxford University directly links various illnesses to stress such as Heart Attacks, diabetes, chronic pain and insomnia plus many more.

The point is mental health related issues are affecting the general public to astronomical proportions and medical involvement does not seem to be getting the grasp on the situation. In fact, many report more impairment from the pharmaceutical control of their state.

So what are the other options out there? Is there a better option? Yes there is however it does require careful persistence. Going natural is another option. But going natural doesn’t just mean swallowing a bunch of herbs to fix the problem.

It does mean find the right combination of people to help you with the problem. And it does mean developing the right combination of dietary elimination and addition, supplements, proper exercise, stress release techniques and guidance from a professional natural health specialist.

It can all start by; elimination of additives like sugar and other addictive compounds, incorporating the right combination of a well balanced meals, sticking away from genetically modified foods, eliminating prepared foods from your diet and starting out with a basic 30-minute simple exercise routine. All of this can contribute to giving you a healthier, fog-free mind.

Natural health practitioners have an approach of working with Mental Health issues in a way that no regular medical practitioners can access. Help of natural practitioner can range from energy healers to naturopaths and homeopaths. They often uncover deficiencies in an individual’s health that other regular physicians are unable to do. These deficiencies often lead to the current state a mental health victim is in.

It is recommended, however, that regular doctor or counselor care is not terminated. A well-rounded approach to your mental care cannot be excused. Only a licensed doctor can regulate any medication that your are on or blood work that needs to be drawn.

Source by Shannon L Andrews


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