Snoring – 6 Causes and Solutions to Help You Stop Snoring


Are you a snorer? Did you know that your snoring deprives you of having normal, restful dreams? Did you know that your snoring can leave you exhausted and unfocused during the day?

Causes Of Snoring

In order to know the best way to cure your snoring, you will need to understand what causes your snoring. This is different for everyone.

1. Weight: if you are overweight and especially if you are obese, you probably are a snorer. The space in your respiratory tract is actually decreased. This causes a vibration between the soft palate and the uvula to be more likely to occur. Further resonance is added because of the extra fleshiness of the air passages.

The solution for this is obvious but usually very difficult for those who are overweight. You know it already – lose weight.

2. Sleep or Relaxant Meds: taking something to help you relax before going to bed may help you sleep better, but you may become too relaxed. If the muscles of the throat become overly relaxed, then blockages can occur and the result will be snoring.

The solution is, of course, try not to take medications to help you sleep. Even ibuprofen and acetaminophen are included here.

3. Dairy products: anything with milk in it will create and build up mucus in the air passages.

The solution: give up that nightly dish of ice cream.

4. Your Bed and Bedding: sleeping in a bed that is too soft is bad enough, but add a very soft pillow and your throat muscles do not stand a chance at staying firm.

The solution: buy a firmer and not very thick pillow. The less your neck bends due to a thick, fluffy pillow, the less likely you are to snore.

5. Sleeping position: You are less likely to sleep if on your side rather than on your back.

The solution: obvious – sleep on your side. Having difficulty doing that? Use the oldest snoring trick in the book. Put a tennis ball in a sock and put that under you. When you roll onto your back, you will not stay there long!

6. Smoking: this habit damages the cells that line the tissue of your throat. The cells eventually become unfit for normal breathing, let alone breathing at night when all is relaxed. The irritation that is created contributes to snoring.

The solution: again obvious but very difficult – stop smoking.

Source by Jeanene Fisher


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