Sleep Like a Baby


There are thousands of people who suffer from insomnia and they depend on sleeping pills for a good night sleep. They always wonder and ask doctors “why can’t I sleep?”

Such people fail to realize that the answer lies not with the doctors but within themselves. All answers lies within, all powers lies within and so do all tension, stress, and worries lies within creating sleepless nights.

I have been suffering from one such issue but my issue was not unable to sleep rather it was not having sound sleep and I would talk in the sleep so much that when I get up I am tired.

Then I went to the core of my issue and realize that I have a Mission of expanding Individuals through making them realize their God gifted Powers within them and so even in my sleep I would deliver sessions to known and unknown people and this was also acknowledged by one such participant who could have dreams about me teaching her.

Even though I was teaching people and helping individuals how to sleep without pills like a baby and it was helping me to a certain extend but not completely.

Then finally today morning when I woke up I was fresh with hardly 3hrs of sleep with a realization that rather then being responsible for expanding people’s life individually let Angels be the partner in my work as anyways they are helping me completely in my Mission.

I started recollecting what did I do yesterday which gave me such result and I recollected that yesterday night I had prayed as I generally do and bless the universe and all individuals who are suffering in various part of the world through flood, communal riots, poverty, diseases etc but then had invoked angels to follow through as if I handed over all my work to my Angels and slept like a baby.

So for all of you guys who are reading this Do you want to sleep like a baby? Then every night think about all the things you are grateful that happened with you during the day, pray for all the family members, neighbors, society where you leave, state, country, universe for having a great blessed life, free from disharmony, diseases, poverty and all individuals leave a stress free life and then invoke your Angels and give them the work as if you are handling or delegating your work to them and go and relax. Within few minutes you will be sleeping like a baby. May you all be blessed through out your life and help others with your Powers within.

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Source by Dr. Laila Ahmed


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