Signs of Emotional and Mental Fatigue of Depersonalization


Stress will always be are a part of life regardless of its direction. There are good stresses as well as bad stresses but bottom line, stress is invasive, intrusive and needs to be addressed.

The happiest individuals still have to cope with stress. The goal is not to eliminate stress as this is an impossible task. Instead, the true goal is to deal with it effectively by learning to cope with stress as a challenge rather than something to avoid. Resistance to stress ensures further stress. Coping effectively with stress releases both mental anguish and physical contractions. Therefore, learn to recognize stress, acknowledge its presence and find an immediate solution. No longer be the victim of life by navigating it effectively.

Signals of Excessive Stress in Your Life

– Wired and Tired at the same time. You feel depleted and drained, yet find it difficult to settle down. Sleep eludes you and your energy levels are at a low.

– Lack of Appetite often resulting in weight loss.

– Insomnia leading to restlessness during the day anticipating another sleepless night.

– Severe Anxiety Symptoms interfering with the quality of your life.

– Irritability due to dropping Serotonin levels.

– Numbness, detachment, brain fog, and depersonalization/derealization surfacing from the habit of prolonged worry and fearful thought.

– Nauseated and Lightheaded (dizziness) is a frequent visitor to anyone under constant stress.

– Low Emotions stemming from frustration rather than true depression.


– Time to slow down and make choices that benefit your physical and emotional health. Stop rushing and enjoy the present moment. Slowing down brings great relief and turns an overactive mind and body into a more peaceful system, able to enjoy life rather than stress through it.

– Signs of depletion or slight adrenal fatigue often respond well to a gradual program of moderate exercise (always in moderation). Begin slowly and gradually increase intensity. A good walking or swimming program is highly recommended.

– Lack of Appetite is remedied by outdoor activity. Fresh air and sunlight lift spirits and increase a true sense of well being. Serotonin levels naturally rise as the joy of living returns.

– Nutrition and a Specific Food Plan will easily lend itself to balanced blood sugar levels, leading to a calmer, less irritable personality. This will also boost Serotonin levels in the brain naturally.

– Learning how to effectively interrupt anxiety and panic allows one the freedom to relax and regain control over how they feel in all situations. Remember, it’s not about eliminating stress but coping with it effectively.

– Self Soothing Exercises ensures a calmer digestive tract. Learning how to settle oneself is essential to a calmer mind and body.

– Use of Correct Breathing interrupts the lightheaded sensations and dizziness. When upset, one either becomes an over-breather or breath holder. Learning the fine art of relaxed breathing through simple techniques allows the body to properly oxygenate itself as peace of mind and body return.

– Depersonalization/Derealization is merely a mind that has become fatigued by the constant habit of fearful worry. This self-study is a learned behavior that is easily unlearned. With a simple and effective approach, depersonalization and derealization are rapidly interrupted as the mind refreshes and clarity returns.

Bottom line, the symptoms of intrusive stress reactions, leading to anxiety and depersonalization conditions, are easily managed when approached correctly. You are not the victim of life when you grab back control. With a few simple steps, as listed above, you will learn how to gain control by making a few corrections to every day thinking and living. You always have a choice. Choose to make life choices that bring forth peace and ease rather than disruption of the mind and body. It’s always a choice, and you have the capacity to effectively navigate through stress in the most productive way possible, leading to fulfillment and quality living.

Source by Dr. R.E. Freedman


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