Shy Bladder Remedies – Can You Cure Your Paruresis?


Shy bladder is a form of anxiety disorder (either real or imaginary) whereby one is unable to urinate in the presence of other people, commonly in public urinals. This type of disorder affects quite a large number of people nowadays. There are a number of known remedies for this condition.

Graduated exposure therapy is a remedy that involves a slow increase of the affected person’s exposure to their paruresis. For example, in this case the patient will be exposed to the risk of urinating in public places – such as using public urinals – in order to get their mind used to the idea and hence they will begin dealing with the problem. Such a therapy should always start off at low intensity levels and gradually be increased over time in order to achieve the desired results. A lot of medical practitioners recommend this form of treatment to their patients.

Self catheterization: some people who suffer from shy bladder resort to using this method so as to ensure that their daily routines are not interfered with. Patients who use this method are able to go to school, travel long distances or even work full time. As a result, most of the paruretics are able to avoid the embarrassment that comes with this condition. It is also worth noting that a patient who uses this method is able to interact with the rest of society within a shorter time than with the other methods we’ve discussed. It is however important that before you resort to this method, you consult your doctor on the finer details of what is involved.

Medical treatment is another recommended option when dealing with shy bladder. Doctors regularly recommend anti-depressant treatment to patients in a lot of cases. This is because shy bladder is a psychological problem and hence trying to relieve stress from the brain offers a good avenue for treating the whole problem. There are a number of brand name prescription drugs available and your doctor will be able to advise the best one for you. In extreme cases sedatives may be recommended in order to help your body to get enough rest and hence relieve your bladder.

There are several herbal shy bladder remedies which are widely accredited worldwide. Resorting to this form of treatment can involve some trial and error until you find a remedy that works well for you. Let us now look at some of the most recommended herbal remedies for shy bladder.

KavaKava is a herbal extract that comes from piper methysticum, a plant grown in Polynesia. This plant is highly praised for its ability to reduce anxiety and stress. However, caution should be taken while using this remedy especially due to the fact that it releases toxic substances which pose as a threat to your liver.

St. John’s Wort is another herbal remedy. It is obtained from the hypericum perforatum plant. This remedy is highly lauded due to its ability to influence a person’s mood. Studies have also shown that intake of St. Johns Wort helps control shy bladder substantially.

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