Sciatic Nerve Pain Relief – 3 Proven Ways For Sciatic Nerve Sleep Relief


Sleeping with sciatica is hard, almost impossible. Here we will look at proven sleeping positions for sciatica and how you can finally find sciatica treatment while you sleep.

1. On Back with Pillow under Knees – This position is good for sciatic pain relief in general. Whether you are simply laying down relaxing or are settling in to sleep, this position is an excellent sciatica treatment. Sciatica flares are usually due to muscle inflammation. When you are simply laying on your back, the angle of your legs can place pressure on your lower back muscles, causing them to become inflamed. Laying with a pillow under your knees takes the pressure off of your lower back, which means it also takes the pressure off of the lower back muscles.

2. On side with pillow between legs – This is a great position for sciatic nerve pain relief. Using a pillow between your legs keeps your posture stable. Good posture is crucial to any type of sciatica treatment. If your posture is not aligned, it places stress on the back. Although this stress may not even be noticed by people without sciatica, even a minor stress on the back can cause major sciatic pain for sciatica sufferers.

3. In a recliner with pillows under leg and on each side – If you are completely unable to find sciatic nerve pain relief using any of the other sleeping positions, try sleeping in a recliner. Not only will you have control over your posture, but you can also prop your sides with pillows to make sure that your body is completely stable. For most people, this is a last resort – after all, it is not as comfortable as a bed – but it does work.

No matter how you are searching for sciatic nerve pain relief, using these sleeping positions as a sciatica treatment for sleep relief should help. If all else fails, you may want to look into finding a good mattress for sciatic pain relief, or the best pillows to relieve sciatic nerve pain.

Source by Sarah Neve


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