Scalar Energy, a Valuable and Consistent Source of Energy


The main origin of Scalar Energy is the universe. The sun, all the stars and other heavenly bodies are the main source of energy. It is considered to be a valid source of power generation that is infinite in nature. If properly utilized this source of power will reduce the crisis of energy to a very good extent. The problem of entropy is not experienced by healing energy as time or the distance does not causes its light waves to get weaken. So it is considered as an eternal form of light.

Scalar energy is found to be occupied in all the empty spaces like the empty space of the vacuum, the atmosphere of the earth that is empty; it is occupied in the small spaces within our cells. It is also found in nature in places that are mostly desolated like rain forests, isolated hill areas and even in the ocean waves when they crash on the sea shore.

Scalar Energy has many benefits. One of the main advantages of energy it that it has very good healing properties. It can help to reduce and eliminate various types of diseases. The main properties of scalar is that energy is normally non linear in nature. It possesses a unique characteristic of carrying important source of information. Any frequency instruments cannot measure the energy and its frequency also cannot be calculated. It is said to be a stationary form of energy. The basic explanation behind this is that two frequencies coming to each other from the opposite directions normally cancel out each other. Most of the energy comes out in the form of waves. But scalar healing is different in this aspect also. Scalar healing moves outward in a circle. This circle is called as the circle of energy. Scalar energy is also used to eliminate the main causative agent of the disease. He is utilizing new techniques to use this valuable source of energy.

As the movement caused by the scalar energy is circular in nature so it has a positive effect on the human body. This circular movement creates a protective shield around the body which helps the body to fight against some of the diseases. All around us we have high voltage cables that emit electromagnetic force which is very harmful for the human beings. Due to this force certain diseases like headache, depression, sleeping problems, lack of concentration and inactivity are becoming very common. But as this scalar energy is creating a protective shield around the body it helps to provide defence against these harmful diseases and also reduce the dangerous radiations around us to a considerable extent.

Source by Tom Paladino


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