Prerequisites for Inducing Astral Projection


Most of the inducing methods for astral projection use as starting point techniques created to improve the ability of relaxation, concentration and imagery. The ideal situation is to be in a deep of physical relaxation, even catalepsy, in combination with mental alertness. A proven way to relax is to achieve progressive muscular relaxation. This technique consists of starting with the muscles of the feet and continues with all other muscles of the body. Done may lead to deep relaxation within a few minutes.

Paralysis and imagery

Relaxation leads to state of body paralysis or catalepsy. When you sleep, your brain deactivates the mechanism by which you are can use your limbs, so that you are incapable of physical activity corresponding to your dream imagery. Very few people have found themselves in this state as soon as they have gotten up after sleeping.

The first type of paralysis is sometimes known as type A. This condition appears when approaching deeper layers of consciousness from a light trance state. The second one is type B paralysis; it is a reverse situation and it happens during the return to physical reality. Type A paralysis should not be resisted. If the practitioner can allow himself to “go with the flow”, then an altered state of consciousness will happen, which is what the practitioner want to achieve.

Many astral projectors have stressed the importance of clear visualization for inducing Astral projection, including imagery training forms as important part of the process. Most of the progressive methods of imagery training involve starting with regular practice at visualizing very simple geometrical shapes and then continue to harder tasks such as visualizing different and complex three-dimensional forms. Here are three practices that are proven very successful. You have to read the descriptions carefully and then try to imagine/visualize each stage.

Practice 1: The orange

Imagine a big orange. It should be posted on a blue plate and you want to eat it. You dig your nail into the peel and tear some parts of. Keep pulling on the peel until all of it, as well as the most of the pith is in a heap on the blue plate. Separate the orange into few segments, then lay them on the plate, and eat one. This task should make your mouth water; if you cannot feel the orange juice and feel its taste then you do not have vivid and trained imagery. You have to try again; the colors should be bright and vivid and the forms shapes stable and clear. With this and similar practices your imagery will improve so that you will soon wonder how it could ever have been so poor.

Practice 2: Discs

This is a harder one. Visualize a disc with two halves: one is white and the other is black. Now, imagine it spinning about its central point, speeding up, then slowing down, and finally stopping. After this, imagine the disc in red, but in a way that as it spins it changes colors through orange, yellow, green, blue and violet. At the end, you should imagine two discs side by side spinning in opposite directions while changing their color in an opposition order. This is not easy, but is very useful for improving your skills of concentration and control. It is not only about to vivid imagery, but also to clean all other imagery from your mind. Hold the image of these discs as long as you want and try to change them as you want, both slowly and quickly.

Practice 3: Counting

Some authors suggest trying to count, just only to count. If some instant outsider thought comes to mind, you have to stop and go back from the beginning. Usually, when you get to about four or five successfully, you will certainly be interrupted by thoughts as ‘this is so easy’,’ or ‘I wonder how long I have to count on’ and similar. You have to overcome them and continue counting as long as you can.

All these skills of relaxation, concentration and imagery are necessary for inducing an astral projections. Other aids include different postures. If you lie down you might fall asleep, although most of the projectors like this position; on the other hand a discomfort position will certainly interfere with the attempt. You need to have an alert but comfortable posture. Some are also suggesting that it is best not to eat few hours before as well as to avoid any other irritation, stress and specially negative emotions.

Source by Steve G. Jones


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