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Panic Attacks Anxiety

Panic Attack

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Problems with your children at school, more responsibility at work.
Financial problems, illness in the family, disagreements with others
and many other circumstances will cause you to panic. Feeling the
fear, the chest begins to thob palms begin to sweat, mouth becomes
dry. Each panic attack is different from the one before.
Anxious people need to relax.  Relaxation is one of the building blocks needed to form
a good strong platform for recovery from any types of anxiety disorder.
Dealing with panic attacks can be frighting to witness, and difficult to
deal with.  You can help by encouraging the person to try and regulate
their breathing.  Carbon dioxide will help to alleviate the attack.
Encourage the person to breathe  in and out through cupped hands
slowly.  A brown paper bag can be used also to breath in and out of,
breathing slowly.  Rapid breathing stimulates the panic attack, the
person needs less oxygen, not more.


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