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The American institute of homeopathy stated that their methods of remedies are based on a principle called “the law of similars”. This principle would basically mean curing ill people with remedies that would normally make healthy people ill only that they are administered on either a lower dosage basis or highly diluted. The treatment of OCD or obsessive compulsive disorder through homeopathy makes use of combinations of medicine and remedy that would specifically cater or address the patient’s medical history and symptoms. In fact are quite a number of homeopathic remedies that are fairly commonly used in treating OCD.

OCD Background

Obsessions are any recurring unwanted thoughts and they are usually ominous in nature; meaning they usually give off the impression or feeling of experiencing a bad sign. This could potentially lead to developing anxiety and depression if they don’t go away. Worse scenario can be the possibility of developing other disorders and complications making treatment a bit more impossible. Compulsions are often characterized as the result of obsession. It refers basically to any repetitive ritualized actions or behaviours which are usually done in order to cope with the urges caused by obsession. A classic portrayal of compulsions would be the overly frequent washing of hands or the hysteria felt over germs. OCD patients would usually feel threatened by the presence of anything they would perceive to be unsanitary. Such OCD behaviours may never be stopped unless an external intervention would come in.

Some Common Remedies

Homeopathic remedies can just be easily found as they are readily accessible from any health food stores or it could be a direct prescription from a homeopathic expert. Usually they are sold in forms of pellets, powders, tablets, liquids and kits. For relentlessness and anxiety, an Arsenic album is often used to help such conditions. They are also used to treat or to mild obsessions specially the overly fearful kind and those with obsessions pertaining to meticulous, tidy obsessive-compulsiveness, and with those with great propensity to settle things in absolute order. Syphilinum are used to work against hyper irritability and perceptions of hopelessness and downcast feelings and are also often used with homeopathic treatments with reference to mental health. Bach Flowers are very invaluable herbal treatments or remedies used specifically on conditions or situations wherein the patient feels emotions or thoughts of impending catastrophe or doom, or anything ominous. Although homeopathy utilizes natural elements integrated within the process it should not be however confused with herbal medicines. Expert recommended remedies can come from animal stuff, components of roots or plants. Note that homeopathic remedies should be administered under the guidance of homeopathic practitioner.

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