New Clients Are Just a Match Away


Meeting new clients shouldn’t be a difficult task, so why make it one? 

Therapists across the entire United States trust Mental Health Match’s smart technology to place them at the top of a client’s search list when they best match their needs and budget. 

By building a sense of connection based on your therapist profile, our matching tool enables clients to feel confident in your skills and abilities before they meet you.

Learn more about why you are most likely to meet clients who are the best fit for you through Mental Health Match: 

Relationships Built on Connection

Therapeutic alliance, or “fit”, is one of the main tools for achieving positive change in the lives of clients. While you could have the skills and expertise needed to help a client, the relationship may not work well if there isn’t a mutual connection.

As a therapist, you are trained to think that relationship building starts during the first session, but Mental Health Match believes that establishing trust can start before a prospective client contacts you.

We designed our matching tool and therapist profiles to set up a solid alliance by:

  • Empowering therapists to be authentically themselves 
  • Freeing therapists to use language that allows clients to be seen.
  • Making it easy for therapists to share photos and videos that create connection.
  • Ensuring both prospective clients and therapists feel safe and secure.

Confidence in Your Expertise

A good fit starts with a client believing and feeling confident in your professional background.

Mental Health Match begins our matching process by guiding potential clients to pinpoint both symptoms and root problems they want to work on. Then, we inform clients about the specialties you use, showing them only the therapists who can help them reach their therapeutic goals. 

We put your expertise first and make sure that we effectively and efficiently introduce you to new clients that are a match your practice.

Be Authentically You

Your values and motivations as a therapist are just as important to building trust as your training and professional background.  

We invite therapists to be open about their values, aspirations, and reasons for doing what they do in their Mental Health Match profiles. Give clients a sense of who you are, and create expectations of what it might be like to work with you.

Your online profile can help to introduce you to clients who may have been skeptical of therapy, but feel a connection with you as an individual.

Focus Your Time and Energy

Mental Health Match actively works to connect you with new clients who can benefit from your expertise, which gives you more time to do what you do best: improve clients’ lives. 

See what makes Mental Health Match different by starting your two month free trial today!

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