Neck Support Pillow – Benefits and Features


A good neck support pillow should help to relieve the stiffness in the neck thereby providing good quality of sleep. It should make one fall asleep in comfort and wake up refreshed and revived. If you are suffering from chronic pain and stiffness, try using a pillow that renders the comfort of support to your neck, back and shoulders. It provides traction of the neck joints and restores the normal curve of the neck which could have been affected by routine activities like sleeping in odd positions hurting the neck, not sitting erect, reading, typing on a keyboard etc.

Neck support pillows relieve the symptoms of poor posture. They work as the weight of the head gently stretches the neck to its maximum extension while relaxing the spinal cord. It also stretches the muscles in the front of the neck allowing the joints to receive proper fluid motion and helps to restore the normal position.

Poor posture of the neck can lead to headaches, pain in the neck and other related health issues. Keeping this in mind, the neck support pillow has been designed to undo the neck problems. By rectifying the incorrect neck posture with the help of neck support pillow, it can unstretch the spinal cord and the nerve roots.

When you lay on this support pillow face up with your neck curved over the top of the pillow, the upper chest portion and anterior neck muscles are stretched by the weight of the head. While there is no stretching and tension in the neck, the muscles no longer spasm. In the absence of muscle spasm, there is a great reduction of the nerve impingement, neck pain, headaches and associated health problems.

Certain neck support pillows come with added advantages including:

o Massage features: These pillows permit one to select the massage action out of many intensity settings in them.

o Buckwheat Pillows: The buckwheat hull pillow naturally conform to the spine and acts as a good support to the neck and spinal region.

o Microwaveable.

o Water Pillows: Provides good neck support and adjustable as per your needs. Very comfortable and excellent neck support no matter whether the water compartment is full or empty.

o Inflatable neck pillows: Facilitates the adjustment of the amount of air inside the pillow. It provides the right fit around the neck by the usage of air release valve permitting the release of pressure in the pillow.

o Travel neck pillows: They provide neck support during travel by airplane, train or car giving you the comfort of a good sleep. Prevents the head from rolling and lets you sleep upright.

o Neck roll pillows: These pillows are meant for positioning and provide support to the neck, back and for many other purposes. They can provide back support in a seated posture as well.

Hence, based on the features of a neck support pillow, one can choose the kind of pillow suitable to his/her own needs to provide relief from neck and back pains and experience a comfortable sleep.

Source by Ali Mulyadi


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