Losing Sleep Over Sleep? Sleep Aids Can Help You


If you are counting sheep and still not falling asleep or at best managing only a few winks, that too with too much tossing and turning and waking up countless times in between, then you need help. Prolonged sleep deficiency can wreak havoc with your immune system making you susceptible to viral attacks. Also during sleep, the body releases substances called cytokines that fight infection and help you recover from an infectious disease.

A Dangerous Slope

When lying awake and unable to go off to sleep, popping in a sleeping pill that can be obtained at the local drug store is probably the easiest option around, but it is certainly not the wisest. Apart from making you dependent on one to assist you in falling asleep, some sleeping pills induce harmful side effects and if taken for prolonged periods, can invoke a drug tolerance so that progressively you may need to use more of the drug to obtain similar benefits.

Some Serious Help

Thankfully, a wink of sleep isn’t hard to come by when you use sleep aids that are made from natural and safe ingredients that do not expose you to the risks inherent in over-the-counter sleeping pills. Natural sleep aids may contain a variety of components like melatonin, valerian, chamomile, and passionflower that are known to induce sleepiness and also aid in reaching deep sleep.

The Positive Attributes of Melatonin

Melatonin is a hormone produced in the human brain and controls the sleep-wake cycles in individuals. Research has shown that melatonin reduces the time it takes for you to fall to sleep, induce and increase feelings of sleepiness, and may also increase the amount of time you sleep. This component has been used successfully to combat jet lag and enhance the quality and duration of sleep in healthy individuals that is persons whose insomnia has not been triggered off by any underlying medical condition.

A Sleeping Ally

Valerian is an herbal extract and is one of the most commonly used natural supplements to reduce anxiety and combat insomnia in individuals. Some studies have shown that valerian reduces the time needed to fall asleep and can also improve the quality of sleep so that the user wakes up feeling more refreshed. What is more, taking sleep aids infused with valerian is also not associated with morning grogginess, unlike sleeping pills with benzodiazepines.

European Remedies

Chamomile and passionflower, the latter also known as maypop, are popular herbal sleep remedies that are being used for centuries. Chamomile, both the German and the Roman varieties, are known to have calming properties that in turn, help people feel relaxed and thus more prepared for sleep. A few studies have shown that passionflower has benzodiazepine-like nerve relaxant properties but without the accompanying harmful side effects. Passionflower is also used to treat “nervous” gastrointestinal disorders.

The Herbal Medicinal Route

Herbal sleep aids and those containing natural products not only produce the desired effects but also ensure that your body is not bombarded with harmful chemicals. Although these sleeping aids can be bought from your local drug store, ensure that you consult your physician for the appropriate dosage.

Ambiatol natural sleep aid contains both Melatonin and Valerian.

Source by Jennifer Hughs


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