Is Your Weight Gain Contributing To Your Back Pain?


People who are overweight and suffer from back pain must be aware that their weight can be contributing to their back discomfort. People who are obese, have a greater risk of suffering from pain do to common issues such as lack of energy, shortness of breath, and lack of exercise. People who refrain from exercise become or live a sedimentary type lifestyle resulting in stiffness and soreness in their back.

Here are some reasons for the added chronic back problems.

  • Extra weight causes spinal problems – For every pound that a person gains, this weight gain will put added pressure on the ligaments and muscles in the lower back area. This extra weight can eventually cause spinal curvature resulting in pinched nerves and added disc pressure.
  • Spinal curvature – This can be caused from the extra weight such as slumping while sitting in a chair, or slumping while walking can both contribute to added pain in the pelvis area of the back.
  • Pain while sleeping – When one tries to sleep it can be almost impossible to get a good night’s sleep do to the extra weight causing back discomfort in just about any sleeping position.

How can you help eliminate this back pain?

  • Determine what is causing your pain – First and foremost, let your doctor or health professional determine the cause of your back problem. Sometimes trying to do it on your own is not the best formula for success, so always check first with your health professional.
  • Eliminate belly fat – Most of the time excess fat is carried around the mid-section which in many cases will cause added back discomfort. Start an approved exercise program to help lose your belly fat. You must also change your eating habits to reduce your calorie intake. Remember
  • Back exercises – There are many back exercises available that show you how to stretch your muscles and get relief almost immediately. If you are overly obese I would first consult your physician before doing any type of exercise so not to cause any further back damage.

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Source by Jerry Standefer


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