Ice Bath Treatment For Anxiety – Does it Work?


It may seem like a bit of a radical idea, but many are starting to look at ice baths as a treatment for certain types of anxiety or panic attacks. Looking at it on the surface, it would almost seem like some sort of torture, but after looking into it a little more, you can understand how this can be an effective treatment.

Have you ever watched sports on TV and then seen the locker room interviews where the athletes are all iced up? The other thing you sometimes see are athletes that will immediately take full ice baths after a game or a hard workout. Why is that?

One of the main reasons is that it ice is believed to cool the body down and help with the relaxation of tense muscles. In their situation, the body is hot from the exertion and the muscles have become tense from strain. Obviously the body heat is eating away at the liquids that would normally naturally cool them off. The ice bath offers almost instant relief and relaxes their muscles so they can recover from their physical activities. While a panic attack is not an athletic event, it often shares some of the characteristics in that the victim will be begin sweating, become very flush and their muscles tense up and sometimes totally lock up. If this treatment works for athletes, why would it not work in the relief of a panic attack?

While this may not be a widely used approach to treating panic attacks and anxiety symptoms, it is proving effective for some. When doing research on the topic, results are difficult to find, but it is being reported by some people who have used the treatment with some success.

Each and every day, panic attacks are increasing. They are being taken more seriously and research is being conducted to not only find the causes, but the cures. The world presents emotional, physical, and mental challenges today like never before and we are all exposed to so much more in our daily lives. Being able to deal with the stress of life is proving to be more and more difficult for so many people. The result is an ever increasing number of people ending up with anxiety and panic disorders. As they become more prevalent, so does the search for treatments that work. While ice baths as a treatment for anxiety seems wild, it’s just one of numerous natural treatments for the symptoms of the condition.

Source by Cynthia Mosher


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