How to Ignore Snoring


Do you want to know how to ignore snoring? Maybe your partner is driving you nuts with the sounds he makes at night. You might already have tried all kinds of tools and methods with him to stop him from snoring, but the noise just won’t stop. Here’s what you can do to get a good sleep anyway.

And do not take this lightly. Your sleep matters. You’re sleep is important. Because a healthy and good sleep is the basis for a healthy body, a fresh mind and stable positive emotions.

Pretty much every study on sleep deprivation has shown how crucial it is to get a good night’s sleep. If you don’t get enough quality sleep, all areas of your life will be affected negatively by that. Your mind won’t be as sharp and alert. You will often experience more moodiness and are more prone to negative emotions. And your immune system isn’t functioning at its best either.

It’s a very common problem too, particularly as we get older. Surveys have shown that between 30 to 50% of the population snore regularly, and it is more common among men than women, and more common among overweight people than among people who have normal weight.

What’s more – some couples can get into fights because of the snoring problem. One partner builds up resentment, even though he or she knows that the partner isn’t snoring purposefully, and can’t do anything about it.

Also, don’t try to keep this a secret. Talk with your partner about the fact that you are looking for a way that helps you to cope with the snoring noises. It will show your partner how much you are willing to do for your happy relationship, and you will have your partner’s moral support – which can really make a difference too. Don’t be an in-the-closet solution seeker. Share your pursuit.

Of course you can try earplugs. The good thing about earplugs is that they are cheap, easy to get a hold on and they are easy to use.

The bad thing: they often don’t do the job good enough. Earplugs are generally very effective when it comes to reducing very loud sounds, but they are often not so effective when it comes to completely eliminating medium volume sounds. (I know that sometimes in the night snoring might sound “medium” at all – but even the loudest snoring on earth can’t keep up with a 120 dB volume of a starting jet engine).

Another thing you could try is to mask the snoring. You put on headphones for sleeping that play white noise. White noise is the best kind of sound to cover up other sounds, because all frequencies are included in white noise.

The probably best solution though is to simply train your mind how to ignore snoring naturally. You can do this. In fact, it is a natural process. Think about it: sometimes when you are really concentrated, or absorbed by some mental activity, you don’t even hear what’s going on around you. In those times, your mind simply “fades out” the sounds of your surroundings. With the help of hypnosis you can train your mind to ignore snoring fast and easily.

Source by Bob Walsh


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