How to Get Up Early in the Morning in Under 1 Minute



topic is “How to get up early in the morning in under 1 minute. This article is short but it can do this task easily. So, I don’t want to talk long. I’m starting this topic. Also, I will tell you some unique reason of this problem.

Why does it happen?

So much stress

Awaking for a long time at night

For don’t setting the mind

If you don’t exercise

For don’t drinking a lot of water in the daytime

If you wear stiff dress and go for sleeping

Don’t have the proper target

Lake of Vitamin (C)

For don’t finishing your every relative body working in the morning time. You know this well.

(again) If you don’t industrious or work or simple exercise work in the daytime.

How will this problem solve?

Mindset and pray to God

For refreshing your mind This (Mindset and pray to God) is very important for everything and this is fully up to you. Before you sleep, you have to think what will you do after getting up early in the morning. It will covert you brain for getting up.

2. Drink a lot of water in the daytime but don’t at night.

You have to drink at least 8 glass water in the every single day time (Early morning to afternoon). It will remove all kind of waste Substance like (Creatine, Urea, Nitrogen etc. causing the rubbish Substance). You also know it will fresh your face and very helpful for Protoplasm. Also it helps for sleeping and getting up early in the morning. Please, don’t forget to drink water in the early morning without having any breakfast.

3. Eat Mint leaves

You have to eat mint leaves at night. This is very important for solving many kind of problem of your body. I will try to discuss about this topic later in another article. So, please stay with us. This method this very and very important for getting up early in the morning.

4. Exercises regularly and walk for some time at night

You know that this is very important for everything. This is the king of all. It helps us for fitting our body, refreshing our mind, sounding mind, removing wrinkle, removing stress etc. So, it feels tried and this tiredness is important for sleeping and if you do this job in the early time, it will be better. Because you will feel good till (early morning to night). Don’t forget to walk at night before sleeping. At last, it will help you to complete this task easily.

5. Take Big Breath

I will recommend you to take big breath at night before sleeping. Just you have to take big breath more or equal than 10 times. This method is really important for getting up early in the morning.

6. Setup Alarm with Sound Box (Fun Purpose but it will work)

You have to set alarm and import the line of sound box to your mobile. It will help you to get up early in the morning.

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This is How to get up early in the morning

Source by Naser Kamal


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