How To Get Rid Of The Garlic Smell


The health benefits of garlic are amazing and extensive, so is its intense flavor. Pungent in taste and strong in smell, it is certainly not every one’s favorite herb. The main complaint is the strong garlic smell in the breath after having a meal full of garlic. It can be a most social put-off. Even the sweat has a distinct garlic smell.

What would be the best way to rid yourself of such an anti-social smell?

You can try chewing mint or parsley after a garlic-rich meal. The Chinese like to drink Chinese tea to mask the strong, offensive garlic breath. Chewing dehydrated tea leaves and using strong tea to rinse the mouth helps to clean the breath. The herb has a lot of health benefits and it is worthwhile to try these methods instead of giving up on garlic totally. It can be easily combined with fruits, vegetables or meat dishes, making it a truly versatile, nutritious food. Cooking it will destroy some of its health benefits but will lessen the strong smell and pungent taste, making it more palatable.

Another way would be to take the odorless garlic supplements, preferably after meals. Using garlic powder, garlic chili sauce or seasonings, or its juice, are other options of including the herb into your diet, minus the extremely strong odor and pungent taste. Another milder way would be to make a garlic infusion, resulting in a type of light garlic tea. All you have to do is just pour boiling water into a mug of crushed garlic, cover it and steep for about twenty minutes. The amount of garlic can varies depending on the strength of the tea you prefer.

Garlic wine is a popular household remedy among the Chinese, for preventing coughs and colds, especially during the flu season. All you need to do is just soak three unpeeled garlic bulbs in a cup of uncooked rice wine, for the duration of a month. Taking a tablespoonful every two hours and just before sleeping will hasten your recovery from colds. Adding a little sugar-water to the wine will minimize the strong flavor, although not highly recommended.

Garlic is an indispensable ingredient in Chinese cooking and invaluable to health. The Chinese regard the bulb as a miracle herb. Being warm in nature and pungent in taste, makes it especially good for expelling the cold from our body. As such, it is especially beneficial in treating illness which have wind/cold symptoms, such as colds and coughs or congestion in the ears and lungs.

According to traditional Chinese medicine, garlic can overcome stagnant qi(life force), thus making it suitable to help balance the obstructive effects of overeating. It is also good for strengthening and energizing the blood. It is thus recommended for treating food stagnancy, cold-pain in the stomach and abdomen, diarrhea, swelling. whopping cough and lots more.

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