How to Find Out If Your Wife Is Sleeping With Her Boss at Work


A woman having an affair with her boss is very common. In fact of all affairs that take place at work the woman sleeping with her boss is the most commonplace.

Here are three ways of telling if your wife is sleeping with her boss (these tips are from personal experience).

1. Her boss starts to give her a lift into work. This is the first of the signs that I should have took notice of earlier and maybe I would have been able to save our marriage. Anyway if your wife usually gets a lift off a friend or drives to work but then she suddenly starts getting a ride from her boss then you would be right to worry. She will say “what’s the big deal” if asked about it but beware because this is the first sign of infidelity.

2. If your wife is on the phone a lot to him or testing him a lot then she is most probably sleeping with him. In a way her boss is the best man to betray you for because when testing him she can easily claim that it’s a work matter. If she says this then ask her to show you the text.

3. The obvious one, your wife is doing a lot of extra work but not getting anymore cash. She may come out with something like “the company is struggling so a few of us are doing extra hours for free”. This sign that your wife is sleeping with her boss cannot be ignored.

I really hope that your feelings that your wife is being unfaithful turn out to be wrong because I have been there and it’s not nice.

Source by Michael Harradine


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