How to Deal With Electro-Pollution


Environmental changes, earth changes, and living in unhealthy homes and congested cities have all lowered our intake of magnetic energy. Magnetic energy keeps our cells alive and our minds coherent. In addition to living in a disturbed magnetic field, we are also exposed to the harmful low frequency Electromagnetic (EM) fields of 50-60 cycles per second (HZ) that are generated by electricity. This man-made electric current produces ‘electro-pollution’ emitted by computer equipment, TV transmissions, AM radio waves, mobile telephones, and the various home and industrial appliances such as hairdryers, electric toasters, and microwave ovens.

If you happen to sleep in a room that has a television set connected to the power circuit, your body may be building up an electric charge of up to 105 Volts! The same occurs when you lie next to an electronic alarm clock or a bedside light. A switched-on electric blanket can even double or triple the electric charge in your body. While lying in your bed, your feet are not in direct contact with the floor. This practically prevents you from dispersing that charge. Regular exposure to such abnormal voltages can create chaos in the body’s electric circuitry, suppress proper immune activity and lead to disorders such as cancer.

Badly shielded electric cables within the walls or under the floor can have similar effects. Therefore, it is best to move all electrical appliances or equipment out of the bedroom, or ideally turn off the fuse for the entire room during the night, especially if you have trouble sleeping. If you are not sure whether your electric cables are safe or not, choose the latter solution, or otherwise you may want to hire an expert who can measure the safety of your most immediate environment. When I tested for electro-pollution in one of my previous homes, I was surprised that the worst culprit wasn’t my computer but the ungrounded electrical strip lights. The use of Ener-chi Ionized Stones as explained in section 13 can help protect you against the harmful effects of a low frequency EM field and also balance the magnetic field around you.

Electromagnetic disturbance in the body can also be triggered by overexposure to chemical pollution. As you may know, the degree of indoor pollution in most modern homes and work places is many times higher than outdoor pollution. Add to these pollutants the harmful chemicals contained in the cosmetics, deodorants and perfumes, clothes, food, water and air that enter our bodies every day, and even a healthy body will eventually succumb to the overdose of such forms of stress and duress. Although many of us cannot completely avoid living in a polluted environment, we still can reduce our direct exposure to it to the least possible degree We have control over what we wear, eat, drink, put on our skin and hair, and how much time we spend outside in the fresh air.

Source by Andreas Moritz


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