Health Benefits of Desert Living


Not only is desert living a leisured and less expensive alternative to city life, it has some amazing health benefits too. Here is just a few examples of what desert life can do for you.

Air Quality

According to an environmental analysis of the Anza Borrego State Park and it’s surrounding area, “due to its remoteness” the “air quality in the Park is often good and is not necessarily characteristic of the air quality in the San Diego Basin.” Pollution has been linked with a slew of pulmonary diseases and is known to increase the risk of asthma attack and respiratory allergies. High air pollution also increases the development of asthma and respiratory diseases in children. Yes, there really is nothing like taking a breath of fresh air.


Probably one of the greatest benefits of sunshine is the production of Vitamin D. Vitamin D is critical for maintaining skeletal calcium and immune system health. It is thought that the high rates of cold and flu viruses in the winter months stems from a lack of Vitamin D production. Vitamin D deficiency is also attributed to depression and Seasonal Affective Disorder (SAD), often called the ‘winter blues,’ caused by a lack of sunshine. It is suggested that in regions with little sunshine for long stretches of time, that citizens invest in expensive UV lamps to simulate sunlight.

Dry Weather

Not only does a humid afternoon leave us feeling awful, it also can breed dangerous molds and mildews in the wet winter months. Drier weather can also decrease the occurrence of lung infections and arthritis aches and pains. Not to mention that hot dry environments promote sweat production, allowing the body to release unwanted toxins and bacteria.

Quiet, Peaceful Environment

Perhaps one of the best things of all is the tranquility of living in nature. Being relatively isolated from the hustle and bustle of the city helps to bring a peace of mind to the body and soul and works wonders for reducing stress. Since chronic stress has been known to cause health issues such as heart disease, sleeping disorders, depression, digestive problems, obesity and autoimmune diseases, it stands to show that we could all use a little peace and quiet.


Ok, so hiking it’s something unique to the desert environment, but it is something that it has in spades. Being an aerobic exercise, it is important and helpful for cardiovascular health, maintaining bone density, reducing stress, and weight maintenance. Not to mention, it has entertainment value along with health value. There is always something new and different to see and experience on the trail. Don’t forget about our great places to hike at Butterfield Ranch Resort.

Source by Michelle Huss


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