G-Spot Sex Positions That Hit Her Every Time


The G-spot in the women sexual organ is a wonderful point for giving her intense sexual satisfaction. There are some specific sex positions which help in the hitting of the G-spot. But prior to elaborate on the G-spot sex positions we need to understand the location and characteristics of the G-spot. There are some differences among the scientific fraternity regarding the existence and location of the G-spot. But several surveys among the sexually experienced women have proved that there exists the G-spot which when suitably aroused can lead to an ejaculation and then by a satisfying orgasm.

You lie down in bed in the normal sleeping position. Then ask your lady to sit upon your pencil facing you with her back. In the next step penetrate her with your erect organ and ask the lady to make back and forth movements going towards your legs. This position makes it easy to touch the G-spot frequently.

Approach her sexual organ in a sitting posture. For that both of you need to sit face-to-face with all clothes removed. Then approach her vagina and make a slow penetration. Try to move upward. Enter her vagina repeatedly without spending much time inside. Just enter, make some friction in the upper wall and then take it out. Continue doing this for at least five minutes. She will give out white liquids of pleasure.

Oral sex is a good technique to hit the G-spot repeatedly and at regular intervals. For that you sit down on the floor and ask your lady to keep one leg on one of your shoulders. Then grab her entire sexual organ with your mouth and enter the tongue with full force. Make counter clock-wise movements near the front walls of the vagina and suck up the entire organ at regular intervals. Try to draw out her juices and create a vacuum in the front door. Then make rapid circular movements without allowing her to settle down. Her sexual organ will be blasting with some never before orgasms. She will lose complete control and go wild with you.

Sit upon her sexual haven facing her with your back. Then enter your pencil and hold it with your hand to go down repeatedly. She will reach her orgasm within minutes as this position directly hits the G-spot. Though the pose will be a bit painful for you but is a very effective one to target the G-spot.

Source by G. Crandall


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