Effective Home Facial-Care Tips


Did you know that your face is the only body-part that one can look at to approximate your age? Yes! But, although many people understand this they are either ignorant or just ‘too busy’ to take good care of their faces. Kudos to ladies, at least most of them know how to care for their faces – but there is still a number who do not know or are not doing it the right way.

When I say most ladies are trying, I don’t mean that facial care is defined by the amount of make-up on the face; no, facial care is way beyond that. While scheduling frequent visits to facial experts is important, there are various facial care procedures that you can still do right from home to keep your face glowing. Here are 4 tips for home facial care:

Wash your face

According to research, washing your face several times a day is the first step to an acne-free face. When you wake up in the morning you should wash your face before applying make-up. And when you go back home from work or school wash your face again. Washing your face helps remove dust particles and other foreign materials that may have attached on your face.

Drink much water

Drinking a lot of water makes your face shinny and succulent. When water gets into the facial skin cells it makes the skin to tighten up thus counter wrinkles and bring out a youthful look on your face. It is a natural method of face lifting! Water in the metabolic system also helps get rid of toxic materials from your body which may affect your skin and other parts of your body.

Apply sun screens

Sun screens are designed to prevent the harmful sun rays from affecting your facial skin. The sun screens are usually applied on the skin under the eyes because of its susceptibility. However, when you shop for a sun screen products ensure that you choose the right one in the market. One of the best methods to spot the right product in the market is to involve an expert or a doctor.

Sleep on the right position

Do you know that your sleeping position and doing faces can impact your facial appearance? Specialists’ advice a person to sleep on their back so as to prevent the face skin forming wrinkles around the mouth and the eyes. Also avoid frowning or doing faces; constantly coiling your facial skin when speaking can trigger early wrinkles.

Source by Wilson Gachihi


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