Don’t Let Your Fear of Escalators Keep You From Your Favourite Music Store


Fears, phobias, anxiety and panic attacks are all basically the same thing.

With fears and phobias they tend to have a specific trigger that we are conscious of. Where as with anxiety and panic attacks it is not so obvious what the trigger is. They are still formed the same way though and the cure is also the same for all.

To have a fear of escalators you must have the resources inside you to create that fear. Stressed emotions are caused by our perceptions. Our perceptions are the result of our past experiences and the meaning we place upon them. So this means your fear of escalators is caused by your perceptions about escalators. Your perceptions about escalators are a result of your past experiences with escalators and the meaning you have placed upon those experiences.

Traditional phobia treatment has been hit and miss because they have been based upon a misunderstanding of phobia causes and the actual structure of a phobia. Traditionally flooding and exposure therapy have been used to reduce phobias and anxiety related problems. If you had a fear of cold water then exposure therapy is like lowering yourself slowly into a cold stream inch by inch. Flooding therapy is like being thrown in. It is very hard not to equate exposure therapy with slow torture and flooding therapy with barbarism. While there was a time when these were the best options available to help eliminate anxiety, thankfully with the help of quantum theory new healing modalities are emerging that are producing seemingly miraculous results.

Memories can be made up of pictures or movies, sounds, smells, tastes and touch sensations. When a memory is created the prevailing feeling at the time is also stored within the memory. Whenever a memory is triggered the stored emotion is felt in the body. The feelings of anxiety a person, with fear of escalators, is feeling is because old memories with fear stored in them are being triggered by the sight, thought or even sound of the escalator. To eliminate anxiety around the subject of escalators you need to go into the unconscious mind and release any negative emotions attached to memories of them.

We approach phobia treatment by interrupting the signal that is being sent from the brain to the organs in the body when a traumatic memory has been triggered.

Every time the memory was activated after your original trauma with escalators, you start reacting to life and your actions become about avoiding pain. To the unconscious mind this validates and provides further evidence for the meaning you have placed upon escalators. You keep recreating the original trauma. If however we interrupt the signal being sent from your brain to your body you will not feel the same level of fear in your body. It is impossible for your brain to hold a visually traumatic memory and not feel the equivalent degree of feeling in the body. If you have interrupted the feeling in any way then the mind must alter the memory to suit the new level of sensation. Continued application of this technique will in a short space of time eliminate anxiety and overcome the fear of escalators.

With flooding and exposure therapies you keep activating the original trauma and the emotion stored within the memory is being felt in the body. This keeps reinforcing and adding evidence to the original trauma. The unconscious mind will not adopt a new perception until you provide enough evidence to the contrary. This is why interrupting the signal from the brain to the organs is so effective. You have provided irrefutable contrary evidence to the unconscious. The brain will instantly drop all previous evidence in favour of the new evidence.

There is no longer any need to suffer from fear of escalators or any other fear for that matter. New understanding of phobia causes has brought about huge improvements to phobia treatment. It is now simple to eliminate anxiety and create freedom from suffering.

Source by Simon Porter


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