Disability Tax Credit Benefits For Narcolepsy – Get Your Dues Today


Have you seen or come across people who fall asleep suddenly in the middle of a conversation? It may have seemed amusing to you but is a classic example of the daytime sleep disorder called narcolepsy. When such a syndrome strikes, the part of the brain that controls the sleep patterns gets affected and causes such chronic sleepiness throughout the day. Such sleepiness can attack you without any warning signs at any time of the day at the most inappropriate of places or circumstances; it could happen when you are working or while cooking a dish or even while driving. If you are suffering from this syndrome, chances are your night time sleep is very disturbed and you generally tend to wake up quite a few times during the night.

The other symptoms of this neurological sleep disorder are hallucinations when the person affected experiences dreamlike encounters at the time of falling asleep or at the time of awakening; cataplexy which is sudden loss of muscle tone often accompanied by laughing sensation and sleep paralysis when the person is unable to talk or move while falling asleep or on waking up. The earliest symptoms of this sleep disorder is said to come to notice during the ages of 10 to 25. It is also perceived to be a genetic disorder affecting 1 in every 2000 people. This lifelong condition can severely hinder a person’s day to day activities and even affect the social and academic performance in normal children.

The diagnosis of this sleep disorder can take a very long time and treatment does not happen overnight. Although it cannot be cured 100%, the symptoms can be controlled by combining medications with counseling and behavioural therapy. The Canadian government has recognised certain disorders and syndromes and categorised them as disabilities. Persons suffering from such recognised disabilities can now benefit from the various grants and tax credits extended to them by the Canada Revenue Agency. Narcolepsy is one of the many disabilities recognised and any resident of Canada with this disorder can now claim the disability tax credit benefits available to them.

At the Canadian Disability Corporation, we have successfully assessed a number of cases and processed claims for all kinds of disabilities including narcolepsy. We understand that each case is distinctive and needs to be properly presented to the authorities concerned. If you are suffering from this sleep disorder and are unaware of the benefits that you can claim, call us today on our toll free number or simply fill in our online assessment form. We assure you that we will do full justice to your case and help you get all the disability tax credit benefits that you deserve.

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