Depression – Physical Toll


Depression can leave you feeling alone, hopeless, and mostly hurt. Over the years the estimated count rose dramatically. Now it is estimated that 121 million people suffer from depression…that is a lot of people!

When people suffer from depression, all they can think about is, loneliness, hopelessness, and of course, how much it hurts. But what most people do not know about depression, is that it causes severe damage to our body, both mentally, but mostly physically too.

Depression highly damages your immune system, because usually, your immune system is up and ready to fight off bacteria and other diseases. Well…this is not the case with depression. Depression lessens the effectiveness of the immune system, so your body becomes much more vulnerable to catching on diseases.

Another factor is that depression brings negative effect to your skeletal system. Although scientists do not know how depression can lead to this cause, but it was proven that depression increases the chance for getting osteoporosis, which is a disease that allows bone to become fragile and brittle.

There is a strong relationship between depression and your heart, and it has been proven too. This cause is closely related to smoking, because depression and smoking have almost the same effect on your heart, which is: you are two times more likely to get heart disease than the average person.

Depression is affecting your mind too, as if your mind is freely exposed to pain when depression gets involved. For example, lately you have been having poor memory, or concentration, and that can mean that depression can take over your mind and help you develop dementia. It was also proven that people have an area in the brain that controls memory, and that area is much smaller with people that have chronic depression. It was also said that if chronic depression is not cured, then soon your brain cells will die out too.

When a person ends up having depression, they usually do not care about a lot of things, and that very frequently includes taking care of their own hygiene. Taking showers, combing their hair, and maybe even brushing their teeth are all last priority categories for the people who suffer from depression. They cannot control themselves anymore, and their body cannot just pull back anymore, so they usually end up having to catch some flu, especially since we have to be careful in this world of evolving diseases.

Another major concern with depression is that people are totally sucked out of the real world, and do not stay in contact with people anymore, such as their friends, family, or even any other everyday strangers. Many tests prove that people with depression can in fact loose so much connection with the real world, that they will soon stop recognizing everyone but themselves. This factor is much more serious than it sounds, because normally, not going out frequently for contact can result in loss of appetite, and people do not understand how important eating might be. It can eventually lead to many more illnesses, rather than just depression standing alone. For example, because people loose contact with others, there were also some known acts of suicide, and other physiological disorders.

Furthermore, if you have pains such as arthritis or back pain, or any other pains, depression intensifies that amount of pain that you feel. Scientists are not exactly sure as to why it results to turn out this way, but they think it relates to some kind of disruption between neurotransmitters in the body.

The immune system, skeletal system, heart, mind, and experience of pain, are not the only types of damages that depression can cause. Depression could also cause major problems such as malnourishment, or even obesity. Do not let depression get to you.

Source by Yana Akhmerova


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