Depression Help For You


We all feel down and depressed at times.

What we don’t realize is the word ‘depressed’ is used so much nowadays that we have lost the meaning somewhere. We seem to all be depressed and really don’t mind telling others about it.

Decades ago, it was a sign of weakness to show your feelings when down.
Today it seems to be en vogue.

We don’t mind sharing our medication that we picked up at the doctor because we were a little anxious or had a bad week. Doctors seem to hand out these antidepressants like candy.

Don’t misunderstand when I talk about the unnecessary use of antidepressants or people who love to talk about their depression.

I believe there is a legitimate condition that really is depression. But I also believe that it’s not as prominent as we are lead to believe.

Below are some categorized feelings and moods. See if you fall into one of them and see if you really are depressed:


This is not depression. This is life. If you are stressed, you fall into about 99.9% of the rest of the country. Stress is good for you – to a point. It keeps you on your toes. It’s a great way to keep you alert. If we are using anti-depressants to deal with stress, we are not really learning how to deal with life. Instead we should use exercise or some other constructive way to deal and relieve stress.


This is a low grade kind of depression. It’s not, by definition depression. It is considered ‘the blues’. People with this type of disorder do not necessarily need to take pharmaceuticals. If someone who has this low grade type of blues feeling, a good way to overcome it is to find something that has nothing to do with themselves and help someone else who needs it. Another way is like above, exercise. A consistent jogging regimen or run will do a LOT to help overcome dysthymia.


This is a true depression and most of the time can be attributed to as a chemical imbalance of some kind. This can be treated with anti-depressants. Although, with proper treatment and effective counseling, most people with depression can come off anti-depressants.

There is so much still to learn about depression. However, one thing that was can say for sure is that the mindset of the individual suffering from stress, dysthymia or even depression has everything to do with how they overcome it.

Master the mindset and you’ll master the mind.

Source by Mark Thompon


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