Custom Foam Mattresses: Better Sleep and Better Health for a Better Life


Health is one of the most talked-about topics in popular culture, with a barrage of television shows, books and websites attempting to educate or provide relief from ailments. Weight gain or loss, lack of focus, lack of energy, irritability and depression are some of the most common issues people face on a daily basis and all can potentially be rooted in a lack of sleep. The degree to which our lives are impacted by sleep makes getting proper rest every night imperative to a happy and productive life.

Unfortunately, few people consistently get a good night’s sleep. Night after night people toss and turn and morning arrives with aches and pains. Many attribute this, and sometimes correctly, to externalities such as stress, diet or other medical issues. However, the inability to enjoy a refreshing sleep can also be directly connected to a sleeping surface not providing your body with the unique balance of comfort and support it requires. For individuals who have difficulty sleeping well with a standard mattress, a customized foam mattress provides individualized comfort that can target areas of the body that need specific levels of support or cushioning.

Foam is an incredibly versatile material that encompasses a wide range of physical characteristics to provide what innersprings, waterbeds and air mattresses cannot. A wide variety of firmness’s can be used in a foam mattress, from incredibly soft foam, up to ones that surpass the firmest traditional beds. This is just conventional foam, as there are also multiple varieties of latex foam and memory foam that can be made into custom mattresses. This range of material types and their ability to be combined into a single mattress ensures that your needs will be met, regardless of your demands or preferences.

Because of the nature of the material, custom foam mattresses also excel in applications where custom size is needed as much or more than custom feel. Many individuals have imported, antique or custom-made beds that for one reason or another, cannot properly house one of the standardized mattress sizes. Or, if an individual is lucky enough to find a mattress that does fit an atypical frame, the comfort selection is often limited, forcing them to choose between enjoying the bed for its aesthetics and sentimental value or enjoying it for the rest it provides. Custom foam mattresses can be made to any dimensions because of their manufacturing process, as they are cut from a large bulk form. And because of the versatility of the product, manufacturers are willing to cut special sizes because irregularly-sized leftover foam material can be easily re-purposed into many other applications. This means the mattress can be tailored in size to the bed and frame you love as well as to the comfort and support you need.

Custom foam mattresses don’t necessarily need to be made of a single foam type either, creating greater customization possibilities than traditional materials. Actually, combining multiple foam types into a single foam mattress is more common than a mattress of one solid foam type. Foam of any variety is able to be layered and bonded for a hybrid sleeping surface that combines the comfort and support of different styles of foam in a single, individualized product. Manufacturers place almost no restrictions on customers for foam mattresses. This means beds can be made to have firm base layers with a conventional, memory or latex foam top layer in any thickness for a comfortable sleeping surface. Layers will cease to have an impact on the performance of a mattress if too many layers or foam types are included in a single mattress, but reputable retailers and manufacturers work with customers to create their ideal mattress and let them know if their customization idea would only result in a lighter wallet without any extra benefit.

Layering is just one way foam mattresses can be customized to an individual’s needs. Many manufacturers have the ability to create bonded mattresses that provide different characteristics across its surface, providing custom comfort and support to different areas of the body. The most typical configuration for mattresses of this type has medium-feel foam around the head and neck, firm foam for the torso, back and hips and soft, cushioning foam for the feet and lower legs. Any combination can be created though, with as many or as few comfort zones as desired. A third variety of customization is the cutting of patterns and striations in the surface layer to create a zoned comfort setup, similar to one previously mentioned, but out of a single foam section. These zones are incredibly helpful for people who need targeted comfort or support in one area, but don’t want an entire mattress with that feel. Depending on the patterns used, these can also offer cooling airflow in a mattress, beneficial to those who “sleep hot.”

A mattress is one of life’s most important investments, considering the effect sleep has on our lives, and the amount of time we spend doing so. If you have difficulty getting to sleep, staying asleep, waking up refreshed or avoiding aches and pains, a custom foam mattress may be the solution to your problems.

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