Can Valerian Root Help Relieve Flight Anxiety?


Every year air travel is used by a higher and higher percentage of Americans to the point where it is now almost completely unavoidable. Air travel is now just another means of transportation that is nothing out of the ordinary.

While most people have heard the statistic that you are more likely to be killed just driving your car every day than you are to be involved in a plane crash, this does nothing to help those who suffer from severe flight anxiety. Flight anxiety is sometimes difficult to define and understand. This is because nearly everyone who flies experiences some form of flight anxiety at some point during the flight. For most people this feeling goes away quickly, and they go throughout the rest of the flight in relative relaxation. However for the unlucky few this feeling comes as soon as the plane starts to taxi, or even before, and lasts until the plane is fully on the ground again.

To deal with this problem everyone has his or her own approach. For some they choose the ostrich approach, that is to stick their head in the ground and simply ignore the problem. For others they rely on alcohol or prescription medicines. Both of these have very undesirable side effects.

Another, much preferable method, is the use of natural supplements. One that works quite well for flight anxiety is Valerian Root. This root has been used for centuries as a natural source of anxiety relief. If the anxiety sufferer takes 150-450 mg of Valerian root shortly before the flight they should experience a much more pleasant flight.

Source by Devin Cox


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