Can Stress, Nervous Tension, Anxiety and Panic Attacks Be Treated Successfully Without Medication?


In the high- pressured, dangerous world we live in today, it is difficult to escape feelings of acute tension, stress and anxiety that frequently lead to panic attacks. Stress victims are to be found in every walk of life.

If you often feel stressed, extremely anxious and unable to cope, it may be due to a variety of different reasons. Whatever the reason it is important for you to recognize that severe stress could be harmful to your health.

Stress is regarded by medical science as one of the most important contributory factors in many illnesses.

Hypertension, high blood pressure, heart attacks, asthma, skin disorders, stomach ulcers, rheumatoid arthritis and many other medical problems are all believed to be directly related to stress.

Your stress may be due to money problems, family disagreements, unhappiness in your home, unpleasant conditions at work, concerns about the welfare of your children, uncertainty about your future or a wide range of different fears – some real, some exaggerated; some imagined.

It makes no difference whether your fear is real or imagined, the mental suffering from self-induced stress can be just as harmful to your health.

When a person has been under stress for some, it often results in a condition known as “panic disorder”. It is condition that is becomingly increasingly common.. “Panic disorder” is described as a psychiatric condition that brings about recurrent waves of panic that sometimes persist for lengthy periods.

It is an emotional state accompanied by feelings of dread that something terrible is about to happen. People who suffer from these panic attacks are sometimes fearful of getting on a bus; or entering a strange house.; or even going to a supermarket. These panic attacks can occur without warning. They are often unrelated to a specific incident or event.

Very often these feelings of panic are accompanied by alarming physical symptoms such as dizziness, tightness in the chest or the throat, shortness of breath, a racing pulse, or hot flushes.

It is not uncommon for people suffering from a panic attack to be convinced they are having a heart attack. They rush to the nearest hospital or immediately contact their physician for emergency treatment. Examination of their condition very often reveals there is no indication of any heart problem whatsoever. The symptoms they are suffering from have been brought about by a panic attack. In emergency wards at hospitals this is a fairly frequent occurrence.

It is very important however, to warn against the danger of being too casual and ignore symptoms that resemble a genuine heart attack. Don’t ever assume a panic attack is the cause of the problem.

If you are in the company of anyone who complains of severe chest pains, get qualified medical help immediately. Don’t disregard these symptoms and presume they are probably due to a panic attack. There is a chance that you may be completely mistaken.. The old maxim, “better be safe than sorry” certainly applies in these circumstances.

Doctors are seeing more and more cases, these days, of people suffering from symptoms of severe stress, nervous tension, extreme anxiety and panic attacks. The most common form of treatment is to prescribe tranquilizers.

It is small wonder that world-wide wide use of tranquilizers, has increased dramatically over the past few years.

Tranquilizers, as an emergency form of treatment, when prescribed by suitably qualified doctors, can be effective in relieving stress. But there are always disadvantages in their use. There are often side-effects. Sometimes these side effects can be very serious indeed. There is also always the danger of addiction.

A large number of people, suffering from panic attacks and conditions of severe stress, have moved away from conventional medical treatment. They are unhappy with tranquilizers. They turn to various forms of alternative medicine for treatment and have been very happy with the results achieved.

One method of treatment for stress, that has received wide recognition and a great deal of favorable publicity, because of the excellent results obtained, is meditation. There are certain forms of meditation that have proved remarkably effective in relieving stress.

Source by Dennis Fisher


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