Can Sleeping With Your Ex Girlfriend Get Her Back?


How many times have you slept with an ex girlfriend? More than once, probably. But do you really know how you did it?

Rather than relying on dumb luck, if you still want sex with your ex girlfriend, the following methods show you EXACTLY what will make her fall back into your bed again.

But first, why do you want to sleep with your ex?

Are you still trying to get her back? Or are you just looking for one last night – let’s call it a bonus night – of crazy, uninhibited sex?

Either way, the approach is still the same.

Getting an ex girlfriend to sleep with you can be accomplished through some fairly universal techniques. These are methods that work for both situations, whether you want a relationship with her again or just a “friends with benefits” type of arrangement.

Sex with an ex girlfriend is not only possible, it’s actually easier than you think it is. So let’s get started.

Re-creating Your Girlfriend’s Original Attraction Toward You

Remember those first few weeks when your ex girlfriend couldn’t keep her hands off of you?

All those great sexual encounters… all the nights wrapped up in each other’s arms, where neither of you wanted to leave, and where no matter how much sex you had the two of you just couldn’t get enough of each other?

Well this golden “honeymoon” phase of the relationship is pretty much the same for everyone. Everything is new, and everything is exciting. You’re still exploring each other’s interests, your likes and dislikes, and yes, that stuff extends to the bedroom as well.

In the beginning, the sex is hot because you’re both out to impress each other. Your girlfriend was probably open to a lot of things that later on in the relationship became stuff you had to bring up or even ask for. But in the beginning? You just took those things. Or maybe she offered them to you – freely and without hesitation – because she was just as lustful and eager to impress as you were.

So… getting your ex to want you again? It’s all about DESIRE. You have to make yourself as desirable as you were in the early stages of your relationship, and I’m not just talking about physically.

Setting the Stage For Making Her Want You Again

One of the best ways to get your ex girlfriend back in bed with you is the “friends” approach. With this method, you’ll want to appear as if you’d like to be friends with your ex, and nothing more.

Yes, I know you actually DO want more, but for right now, you’ll have to put that aside. The road to sleeping with her again leads through friendship, because your ex isn’t going to hang out with you if she thinks you’re still sweating the breakup.

Telling her you want her? BIG MISTAKE. Telling her you still love her? Your ex isn’t going to come near you with a 10-foot pole. What needs to happen first, before anything else, is that you have to be totally okay with the breakup.

Tell her the breakup is a “good idea”. Tell her you’re totally in agreement with it. Laugh about it. Make light of the fact that you couldn’t get along.

  • “Yeah, wow, sorry about the whole end of our relationship. I really screwed that up! (Laugh here) You know the good part though? That we’re better off as friends than we ever were as girlfriend and boyfriend. I’m glad we finally figured that out, before we got resentful and started hating each other.”

What happens here is you just put yourself on your girlfriend’s TEAM. You’ve aligned yourself with her interests.

You’re on her side now.

Your girlfriend now sees you as someone she can confide in. She’s no longer worried you’re going to try and get her back. She’s no longer wary of your motives, because you’ve not only accepted the end of the relationship but you’re actually pointing out how much you agree with it.

Friends with Benefits – How to Have Sex With Your Ex

Now at this point you have to do something else; make yourself desirable again. And you do that with three things:

1) Start Dating Other Girls Again

This, more than anything else you can do, will get your ex to instantly re-evaulate you as a mate. And not just as a boyfriend, but as a potential sexual partner as well.

Dating other girls shows your ex that you’re desirable. You’re a commodity she once owned, and threw away, but suddenly someone else is now interested in it.

Don’t worry about getting serious, all you need is a few dates. They can be fun dates, wild dates, they can be with girls you’d potentially love to date or with girls/friends from work who you just have a good time with. Whatever happens, enjoy yourself. Because when your ex sees you enjoying yourself with other girls, she’ll remember when she enjoyed herself with you.

2) Stay Active and Pick Up Some New Hobbies

A guy who’s interested in things is always interesting. So get out there. Start a new hobby or pick up an old one. Join a hockey or softball team. Make yourself active and happy, so that when your ex sees you doing this, she’ll immediately start wondering why she’s missing out.

Self-fulfillment is a powerful Aphrodisiac. When a guy is self-motivated and can make his own fun, a girl will be attracted to him for those things.

3) Start Hanging Out With Friends and Enjoying Your Single Life

No one likes to be left behind. So when you’re running around having a blast with your friends, all without your ex girlfriend on your arm? She’s going to wonder if maybe she was holding you back.

One thing all women hate is being wrong. When you’re out, having a great time, dating other people, and doing new things? Your ex’s whole opinion of you will change. She’ll see you as attractive again. High value. Suddenly you’re a totally awesome guy that looks like he completely moved on. And hey, why the HELL did she dump you in the first place?

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