Can Reiki Heal the Root Cause of Depression?


Depression is a mental or psychological disorder that changes the emotional state to doom and gloom and affecting how a person physically functions and interacts socially. Different types of depression include major depressive disorder, dysthymic disorder, bipolar disorder, seasonal affective disorder, postpartum depression, premenstrual dysphoric disorder, and atypical depression.

Having mentioned all the types of depression, medical research and studies have been conducted to determine what causes depression. The pharmaceutical industry has a pet theory that the brain’s deficiency of serotonin is the source of depression or in a more general/basic term, a chemical imbalance in the brain. This theory was created when depressed people are found out to have a reduced amount of monoamines (i.e. serotonin and norepinephrine), which is a certain type of neurotransmitters. Unfortunately, this chemical imbalance is more of a symptom than a cause. To appreciate it better, a simple explanation is that these low serotonin levels is a result of carrying out more negative contemplation and seldom participating in activities that gives an individual self-contentment or happiness. In this regard, there really isn’t any study yet that has conclusively confirmed or substantiated the exact or precise root of depression.

Others perceive depression as a biological disorder but it is not nor is it a virus that can be acquired or passed on by others. In the 2003 book edition of “Human Givens” by J. Griffin & I. Tyrrell, it was often repeated and emphasized that depression is not a disease neither a chemical imbalance. They have described depression as an individual’s spontaneous response to specific emotional introspection. In the absence of a defined or a clear cut explanation and understanding of the cause of depression, people somehow stick to the closest or nearest medical explanation there is.

Recent statistics about depression is very alarming showing that there are an estimated 70 million people who suffers from its symptoms that includes but not limited to uselessness, having a hard time sleeping, feeling of moroseness, lack of energy, and poor attitude toward life. These and other symptoms lead to destruction of oneself starting from being pessimistic, lacking enthusiasm and having no initiative. As a result of these negativities, the body and mind receives and also sends out negative energies. Illnesses, disease and other medical conditions are sometimes a result of this situation. Other consequence may be despair, irrational or thoughtless decisions and actions which the individual later on regrets.

As alarming as it sounds, each individual must take heed to lower the figures and to prevent it from increasing it more. While the cure is different for each depressed individual, the common goal is to reverse the condition and give back the normal life that each and every one of us deserves. With its different causes, there are spiritual ways that will help pull the depressed people up from the situation they are in and be able to live a vibrant, happy and full life.

As explained earlier, depression is not a chemical imbalance. It is not a cause of depression but merely a symptom. Having said this, some people say and believe that it is all in the mind or it is a state of mind. The individual being in a state of depression has lost connection to what eternity, bliss and knowledge is really all about as part of quality of life. No medication or science can really be a solution to changing and overcoming depression because the point here is that attitude and behavior are the ones in question here.

To see a more holistic view of depression, the following should be taken into consideration as causes or part of the cause of depression:

a. Medical Factors – Physical or health factors can trigger a person to have a different perspective in life or mental disposition in life. They are starting to feel and think negative thoughts and eventually stop trying to feel positive about their condition. Hormonal imbalance, improper diet, weak nervous system can hamper one’s positive outlook in life.

b. External Factors – Social status, culture, system, traumatic experience or as simple as the weather can be causes of being depressed. People do sometimes get sad and depressed when it’s cloudy or raining. There is just something in the weather that attracts melancholy.

c. Emotional or Psychological Factors – Mistakes that one can’t get over with are also a cause of depression. When a person tends to dwell on guilt and mistakes that can’s be undone, surround themselves with negative people, holds grudges, jealousy and envy will likely to have depression.

According to an associate professor (Harold Koenig, MD) at the Duke University Medical Center, spiritual force and holistic healing plays a significant role and cannot be ignored as a variable in helping patients cope with depression. Studies have revealed that strategies which include spirituality or religion provide a better result as acknowledged in the American Psychiatric Association annual meeting conducted last 2002.

This remarkable result paved the way to see spiritual support in a different light. One should then pay attention to a patient’s beliefs and spiritual practices to better find the right solution or cure for them. Although spirituality is not the sole answer to depression it is indeed a great help if not curing it 100% then at least making it in a lesser degree and eventually solving it. Here are some ways and tips on how spirituality can uplift a person from the depressed state of mind:

Analyze the root cause of the problem – To determine the real cause, one has to reflect and spend time over the concern. It may even take days and it would be helpful to take note of thoughts and have someone who can help you find the root problem.

Right cure for the right problem – Once the root problem is determined then one can already address and find the right solution. If the problem is physical or health-related then you can go and see the doctor to resolve the difficulty or the pain that triggers the depression. Exercise, nourishing diet or strengthening the nervous system by relaxation or regular prayer can help out in giving you the energy for a more refresh and invigorating physical and mental individual that aids in overcoming the weak body and depressed mind.

If the problem is external, emotional or psychological, one should avoid habits that are undesirable. Try to live a simple, pure and righteous life by associating or surrounding yourself with the right group of people or friends who has the same values, spiritually inclined and has only positive outlook in life. These people will help you face your difficulties and problems to be free of the negativities that you have been holding on to.

We can be in control of our body and mind if we have a strong spiritual help. We can always feel positive about everything if we believe on something greater or more powerful than us can really help us. Reiki healing can be of great support to a depressed individual. The energy healing that Reiki provides is more than enough to project and supply positive energies from a Reiki healer to be transferred to a depressed individual. Reiki healing presents an intangible gift (peace of mind and soul) to any person receiving it hence a more holistic point of view and different perspective is experience.

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