Caffeine and Erectile Dysfunction


Everyone is well aware of the fact that American’s love their coffee and Europeans love their tea. What people may not be aware of is the fact that active ingredient that keeps people coming back to these two products, caffeine, can be to blame for erectile dysfunction. Your sex life might be suffering simply because of a daily habit and addiction to coffee. There are many ways that caffeinated drinks can lead to an inability to achieve an erection, but we will mention a few here. The fact that it makes you tired and sleepy, the way it affects your heart, and the fact that it is a natural diuretic all come into play when discussing caffeinated drinks and their effect on your ability to obtain and maintain an erection.

First of all, lets take a look at just why we use these caffeinated products like coffee and tea. Most people don’t get enough sleep. It is a proven fact that most people do not sleep as much as they should and as a combatant to this lack of sleep, people will try and get a quick pick me up from caffeinated products like coffee and tea. What they don’t realize is they are cheating their body from being able to produce its own energy and create its own pick me up. When the energy from a cup of coffee wears off, the subject is left with a huge let down where drowsiness and tiredness take over and they want to do nothing but sleep. There is no way that someone can get an erection in these circumstances.

When you partake in using any type of substance to combat a symptom, you are teaching your body reliance which is very bad for your overall life functions. You have to learn to overcome your symptoms like tiredness and drowsiness by sleeping better, eating better, and exercising more. Simply drinking a cup of coffee in the morning teaches your body to be even lazier and makes its ups and downs more intense, leading you to need more caffeine everyday. This type of addiction to caffeinated beverages is common among people in the western world and most people don’t even realize that it is a counterpart in increasing the risks of erection control problems among men. When your body isn’t producing the hormones that get you excited and energetic on its own, it forgets how to do it when you need them for sexual activities.

Consuming caffeinated beverages is also dangerous for your erection ability because of the way that it makes your heart work extra hard from all the energy that it puts in your body. Your heart working harder means that you are going to have more trouble getting blood to flow into the penis. High blood pressure is much more common among those who consume caffeinated beverages than those who do not consume beverages that are caffeinated. When your heart is having trouble getting blood throughout your body because of the amount of pressure that is being placed on your blood cells, you will undoubtedly have a hard time getting an erection.

Another reason why consuming caffeinated drinks regularly will kill your ability to get an erection is because caffeine is a natural diuretic. Diuretics basically make you have to urinate more often, but they are known to cause erection problems among men. This is similar to the way that high blood pressure medications that are diuretics can cause erection control issues.

In conclusion, if you are going to drink coffees and teas, then do so in moderation. If you don’t then you might get your morning fix, but your nightly satisfaction might be delayed because of it. Caffeinated beverage consumption might not be the only cause of your erectile dysfunction, but it could be a major player.

Source by Paul A Buchanan


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