Blackstone Anti Snoring Pillow Review


Do you have a problem with snoring? If so, your pillow may be to blame! There is a solution to this: the Blackstone Anti-Snoring Pillow. After much research and testing, the designers of this pillow have created an anti-snoring “device” that actually deals with the cause of most people’s snoring: the vibrations that occur when the air passage doesn’t stay open while a person sleeps. The pillow keeps this passageway open, which keeps the tissues in your throat and your tongue from making the vibrations that are the cause of snoring.

The Blackstone Anti-Snoring Pillow sits right atop your own pillow so that your head is raised up higher when you sleep and your chin is not on your chest. This keeps your air passage opened and aligned correctly so that no tissue vibrates. Of course, no pillow would be useful if it didn’t support your head, and the Blackstone Pillow does that as well. The pillow can also help relieve acid reflux (GERD) because, with your head elevated, it’s harder for stomach acid to make its way up the esophagus.

The pillow may look like some of those other specially shaped pillows on the market, but those pillows were all made with the idea of comfort. The pillow is the only one that is aimed at battling snoring. Some of these other specially designed pillows can help reduce snoring since they do help you sleep in a better position, but they’re not going to be as effective as the Blackstone Pillow.

In addition to these other pillows, there are also other anti-snoring products that you may be interested in. You can combine these products like Jaw Supporters and mouth guards with the Blackstone Pillow, although there may be no need to.

Reasons to use the Blackstone Pillow:

  • It was created to help stop the cause of snoring
  • It can help you get a better night’s sleep
  • It can reduce the effects of fatigue
  • It can help relieve acid reflux and some sleep apnea

Reasons to not use it:

  • You have to purchase it online
  • Some people have difficulty sleeping with their head elevated

Want to buy your own Blackstone Pillow? It will cost you $69.97 plus $19.95 for shipping/handling. You can order it from BlackStone Pillow website. Every pillow is guaranteed for seven years under the manufacturer’s warranty.

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