Astral Paralysis – How Bad Can it Get?


When an astral projection or travel is in progress, the person will experience some degree of physical paralysis which is known as astral paralysis. This just indicates that the mind split has already occurred in some form or the other. In astral paralysis, the physical body faces difficulties in different levels while animating itself when the effect of the mind split is still active.

Although the projector’s physical or etheric body may not realize that a projection is in progress, he will probably feel total physical paralysis or some amount of lethargy and heavy feeling along with disorientation in the physical body. The extent of this is mostly dependent on the projection’s strength and the amount of energy that is being used to keep it in a stabilized state. Sensations like these which are pretty strong indicate that an astral projection is occurring.

Conversely, you can also say that the degree of paralysis is proportional to the strength of the astral projection. A full powered real-time astral projection will lead to complete physical paralysis that is nothing but full waking paralysis. On the other hand, a comparatively lighter degree of projection can still allow the person’s physical body to stumble to the next room while muttering something incoherent. He would probably feel like he is walking on pillows feeling some numbness in the body and with a fuzzy mind that is also ambulatory in nature.

Astral paralysis is also known as waking paralysis and sometimes it is also called sleep paralysis. Other than astral projection, paralysis also occurs in other occasions like Out Of Body Experiences (OOBE) and Near Death Experiences (NDE). Waking paralysis will also occur in instances where a real time body has been generated within the physical or etheric body, but actual separation of the astral and physical body has not yet occurred. In other words, it also occurs in instances where full astral projection has not been achieved. This in turn indicates the occurrence of a partial projection, even though it is just internal, and this is clearly leading to some extent of waking paralysis.

The real time astral double, in this particular case has not completely projected out of the physical body. When this is suspected to have occurred, it is necessary for the projector to just relax and let it happen, or maybe he can use a projection technique like the rope technique. His will lead to the occurrence of a full projection in case it still has not been achieved.

There are a lot of people who have been plagued by the thought of sleep paralysis. Yes, it is true that the paralysis can be a horrifying experience which can even go to the extent of causing psychological damage to the projector.

The best way to break away from sleep paralysis is by focusing on a single big toe and trying with all your effort to move it. Give everything that you’ve got and try really hard to move that big toe. Once the toe moves, even if for just a small bit, you will be back to normal automatically.

Source by Abhishek Agarwal


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