Are You an Insomniac?


What is insomnia? What are the different causes of insomnia? Are there treatments for insomniac persons? These are just some of the most asked questions when we talk about Insomnia.

As what I have researched in the internet about insomnia, these are some of the facts that gathered about insomnia. I have learned that insomnia is one of the most or let us say the most troubling sleeping disorder of many people today. I myself can be called an insomniac since I am experiencing this kind of sleeping disorder. Because of having this sleeping disorder during the night it may cause problems during the day like tiredness or simply the lack of energy to the tasks because of lack of sleep or sometimes becomes too irritable to the people in the surroundings. There are 3 classifications of insomnia which I have read from some facts in the internet about insomnia. The transient (short term) which lasts for only a single night to a few weeks, intermittent, (on and off) if transient insomnia occurred from time to time, and lastly if the type of insomnia that one person is experiencing occurs on most nights and lasts a month or more then it is called a chronic or constant insomnia

What really causes insomnia? I asked this question once to my friend and he just laughed while answering that is because of too much caffeine or maybe I am thinking of somebody special that makes me stay up late every night. But the real facts of the causes of insomnia are that, it is because of advance age since insomnia occurs in those over the age 60, female gender and those who have histories of depression. I asked my self why me? I do not even have those problems that are much related to insomnia. Yes, I am not over 60, I am not a female and I do not have a history of depression but hey there are some additional causes which I can relate to. The excessive napping in the afternoon, smoking cigar, and drinking of alcohol before bedtime. Now I know why I have insomnia.

Every disorder has a corresponding treatment and I believe that insomnia is curable. Sleeping pills, tranquilizers and other medications can help cure insomnia. But medical personnel said that tranquilizers are the most effective cure but it will only last for a short time. For me, I do not take some of these medications; I just leave it this way because they say that it is usually “a condition that corrects itself over time. There are people who will suffer from it without fully understanding the causes and then overcome it without even doing anything.”

Source by Giovannie James Lumapguid


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