Are Boxer Dogs Dangerous?


If you are thinking about becoming a first time dog owner or just looking at a breed of dog that you are unfamiliar with than it is best to keep in mind that while most dog breeds are typically friendly any dog can attack or bite under certain given conditions. That being said, Boxers are not known to be particularly aggressive dogs. In fact, they are play full, energetic, and great companion dogs who make great family pets. While there have been reported cases of Boxers attacking people when this happens there is usually a underlying reason for the attack.

Under What Conditions Might a Boxer Attack?

There are several reasons why a dog, even a gentle breed such as a Boxer might become aggressive. One reason could simply be poor breeding practices by the breeder. While most breeders are scrupulous about breeding only good quality dogs there are some breeders that will breed any dog regardless of health or personality issues. This can lead to an aggressive dog in even breeds that are known to be non aggressive.

The most common reasons for aggressiveness in a healthy Boxer are pain and lack of socialization. A Boxer who is suffering from some kind of medical condition that causes pain may lash out against anyone who get too close because they hurt and are afraid that if they are touched the pain will worsen.

In cases where your gentle Boxer becomes aggressive practically overnight then it is wise to seek Vet care to either rule out or treat the underlying medical problem. In dogs who are acting aggressively due to pain the aggression usually ends when the pain ends. Proper Vet treatment from day one can often help your vet diagnosis problems before they become a serious problem and your dog experiences any pain.

Lack of Socialization will cause any dog to act aggressively and Boxers are no exception. In these cases the cause of the aggression is anxiety which is caused by the introduction of new people, places and experiences that makes the dog feel uncomfortable and threatened. When a dog is faced with a new situation that makes him uncomfortable then his first choice is to flee and if that is impossible he may attack.

Owners can reduce the chances of their Boxer from reacting aggressively due to anxiety by socializing their dog young slowly introducing them to a variety of people, places, and situations, the more situations a dog is introduced to the more confident he will feel and he will be less likely to feel anxious when he finds himself in a new situation.

The best thing an owner can do to keep their Boxer or any breed of dog from becoming aggressive is to buy form a reputable breeder, spend quality time with your dog, socialize them early and maintain their socialization, and give them basic obedience training so they will follow your commands. If you do these few simple things your Boxer will remain the happy, friendly dog that is the trademark of this breed.

Owning a dog is a tremendous responsibility as well as a joyful experience. Giving your dog the tools he needs to remain healthy and well behaved is important for your dogs safety as well as the safety of those around him.

Source by Dermot P. Hogan


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