Anxiety Makes Sciatica Symptoms Worse – A Fatal Combination


Sciatica is defined as a set of symptoms as pain and discomfort, commonly associated with the compression of the sciatic nerve; there are many reasons why this condition could be happening to you and even though you think you already know what causes it. This painful affection is very often misunderstood and bad treated. You also have to know that anxiety makes Sciatica symptoms worse, I will give you a brief explanation about how are these two different affections related.

There are different ways to defined anxiety but in a few words you could say it is characterized by feeling fear and apprehension, which usually takes a person to be in a sort of state ready or prepared to attempt to cope any negative upcoming event. This is also characterized by physical symptoms such as palpitations, sweating, and feelings of stress.

You might be wondering, does really the Anxiety makes sciatica symptoms worse? Well unfortunately, yes, there is a relation between sciatica and anxiety, if you have ever suffered or you are currently suffering from sciatica, you will understand exactly what I am going to tell you about the nexus of these two affections.

Sciatica usually radiate intense pain from the mid buttock to the heel of the affected leg or sometimes even both legs are affected, unless you have not feel this acute pain before, you know how terrible this condition is and any movement can trigger such an unpleasant feeling, so there is a situation which you can have a panic or anxiety attack. So, feeling pain is something you just start to fear every time more, and makes you feel anxiety.

So Anxiety makes sciatica symptoms worse because vast of the people who suffer this kind of affection would prefer to stay in bed rest from fear to make the pain worse, and they are not having any reassurance about how they are going to end this problem causing a lot of anxiety due to the crippling pain.

Source by Dario Ferrer


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