Antecedents Of A Panic Attack


You can increase your mastery over a panic attack by studing types of circumstances

which tend to precede them. You know you are more likely to panic, examples of

this is when you maybe far away from tour home, driving over a bridge, sitting in

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a restaurant. There would be many more situations that could bring on a panic attack.

If you have spontaneous panic attacks that come ‘out of the blue’, may be helpfull

to monitor there occurrence for two weeks and take carefull note on what is going

on immediately-as well as for several hours before each occurrence.

LEARN to discriminate EARLY symptoms of a PANIC ATTACK.    With PRACTICE

you can LEARN to IDENTIFY PRELIMINORY signs that a panic attack is may

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imminent. For some people this may be a sudden quickening of the heart beat. For

some it may be a tightening of the chest, sweaty hands, or queasiness. Still others

may experience some warning, symptoms before it became a full blown panic

attack.    By making an effort in recording your panic attacks and carefully

observing any circumstances that consistently precede them, you are taking on a

important step.  You are learning  that you need not be a passive victim of an

event that is totally out of your control.   Instead you can begin to alter the

circumstances of your dailly life in a direction that reduces the odds of having


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